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If I Had Cancer

April 15, 2008

Mike’s dad died of cancer when he was only 52 years old. He lived with us some during that last year of his life. He followed all the standard medical advice, operations, chemo, radiation, etc. The tragedy of those days put into me an intense interest in studying the many different natural cancer treatments that have become available over the last 35 years.

Everyone living today is a potential victim of cancer. It consumes the wealthy, the weak, the health food guru, the young nursing mom, and even children. It affects almost every family in modern society today. Many families have a predisposition to high homocysteine (which basically means inflammation). For these people, cancer, cardiovascular disease, as well as autoimmune disease are ever-present possibilities. Careful diet, B vitamins, exercise, peaceful rest, and lots of sunshine all help to strengthen the body to overcome this genetic weakness. It is wise to take note of family history or get a DNA test to see if you have a predisposition. It you are in the high risk category, you will want to immediately take preventive measures.

Every once in a while someone writes a definitive book on a popular subject. Cancer, Step Out of the Box, by Ty M. Bollinger, is such a book. It is a careful summation of all the information that is available. You would have to read 100 or more carefully selected books to get this information. The author reveals the best cures that have truly worked on thousands of patients. He also lists where to buy products, and gives addresses, phone numbers, and e-mails of medical facilities where they provide informed, comprehensive treatment. This book took the many ideas that I had gleaned from other material and put it all into perspective, which helped me understand how the different cancer cures work. If I or anyone I loved had cancer, it would be the first book I would go to as a resource, which is why I want to share this potentially life-saving information with you. Don’t wait until you have cancer to learn what to do. Be armed ahead of time. NGJ does not sell this book. The Bulk Herb Store now carries this book. Contact them at or call at 1-877-278-4257. For additional information on the subject of cancer visit



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