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May-June 2019

Table of Contents

An Upset Mother Writes...

An upset mother unsubscribes from the No Greater Joy magazine to protect the purity and innocence of her sons (...)

Answer From a Former Enabler

OK, I have a question. How should a wife handle the husband if he blames her for all discomfort he feels? If she tries (...)

From Our Mailbox: "He's Happier Than I Have...

Neither my husband nor I began well with relationships. This is a third marriage for each of us. I recently read (...)

How Do I Choose a Wife?

A young man asks for advice, wondering when is the right time to pursue a relationship? At what point does he need (...)

Prayer in Jesus' Name

Does 1 John 5:14 mean that when we pray we need to add, “Thy will be done” or else God won’t respond to our praye (...)

The Blessing of ADD

I encourage you to see your child’s inclination with a label on it as his gift from above. He just needs the right (...)

The Screens Between

How do you continue to be submissive when your husband is passive? We have always disagreed where our children are (...)

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