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Get Involved!

Wondering how you can get involved with the Good & Evil project?

Here are three simple ways


This donation will be used to translate the Good & Evil book into other languages. This book is being used and will be used by hundreds of missionaries & evangelists for “Reaching the Lost and Persecuted.” Please give. It’s worth all effort for even one lost soul and we expect to reach hundreds of thousands. Thank you.
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...and pass out Arabic promo cards.

This is your opportunity to share the Gospel with your Arabic-speaking neighbors! We have created these printable business card size promo cards for you to print out at home and then give them to your friends, neighbors, and people you might meet in public places. The card advertises a website that displays the entire Good and Evil book online in the Arabic language.

The printable document is available as an Adobe Reader PDF document (1.6MB). The document is standard Letter size (8.5″×11″) and can be printed in either color or black-and-white, preferably on plain white paper or cardstock.

Cards with Arabic websitePrint Now!

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