Brain Grooving

Animal studies have shown that newborn mice must experience whisker sensation in the first few days of life to enable them to develop normal sensorimotor skills. Cats must be allowed normal visual input during their first three months or their vision will be permanently impaired. Monkeys need consistent social contact during their first six months or they will end up extremely emotionally disturbed. The same critical periods appear to hold for human development ( From the very first moments of your child’s life, his brain is being molded into who and what he will become. Thoughts and actions that are… Read More
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Girl eating apple

Training for Honesty

Kim Doebler

Have you been looking for ways to teach children how lies hurt? Here’s an object lesson on the destructive power of lies. You’ll need an apple, a hammer and a flair for the dramatic!

August 2011

Functioning Community

Michael Pearl

Parents need help effectively raising children who can swim against the tide in this current society. A community of believers provides a wholesome context in which your children can grow.

June 2011

The Power of a Story

Debi Pearl

Shalom Brand uses a story from her own childhood to help reinforce a lesson about deception for her daughter. See how the mystery of the red blanket was solved and how a 5-year-old learned the value of honesty.

June 2011
Happy mom with her arms wrapped around her little son

Mirror of Our Reflection

Shoshanna (Pearl) Easling

Children reflect our attitudes and moods. Shoshanna Easling relates how she daily delights in her children from the moment they awake. Discover ways to improve your reflection by improving your outlook.

June 2011
Angry little blonde-haired girl wearing orange and green

Throwing Anger in the Garbage

Shalom (Pearl) Brand

For little Laila, whining and crying was becoming a habit. Her mama, Shalom Brand, enlisted the help of big sister Gracie to make anger their common enemy. Soon they found many ways to chase away those negative responses.

June 2011


Michael Pearl

Our interactions with children have a great impact upon their development. Time invested in them today will pay dividends tomorrow. Learn how to plant seeds that will flourish long after you are gone.

June 2011
Smiling elderly man with white beard wearing black, red and blue

Old Tom

Michael Pearl

Tom Slayman has spent a lifetime pursuing his passions. Even before he was a believer, he was a devoted father to his four children. Michael Pearl tells how Tom’s passion and vision helped create No Greater Joy Ministries.

June 2011

Angry Children, Part 2

Michael Pearl

Angry Children Part 2 continues to discuss the value in discovering the motive behind a child’s anger. Learn why it’s important to find ways to grant children limited self-determination.

May 2011

Angry Children

Michael Pearl

When overcome with frustration, children can lash out in anger. Learn how to become your little ones’ advocate and example so that they might acquire the tools necessary to confidently face life’s difficulties.

April 2011
Little blonde haired girl with her hands on her head

ESP Training—Explain, Show, Practice!

Kim Doebler

There are MANY temptations to wiggle and giggle when it would be better for a little one to remain quiet and still. Get proactive! This exercise helps children gain impulse control in those circumstances.

February 2011