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Too Young to Spank?

When is a child too young to spank? The answer is obviously dependent on your definition of the word “spank.” Some parents practice spanking in a manner that is inappropriate for any child at any age. They strike out in anger and seek to punish the child for the offense the bad behavior has caused them. This is unacceptable at any age, but it is especially egregious when directed at very young and immature children. Spanking at any age should only be administered by those who have a proper philosophy of spanking and are not emotionally-driven. Our booklet Biblical Chastisement… Read More
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An Unexpected Road to Success

Wanda Kinsinger

Nobody wants to fail. We spend a lot of energy and effort in avoiding failure. We often associate it with being a bad thing. But what if failure is not really failure? What if we could arm our children with … Read more

April 2021

Picking Up Toys

Wanda Kinsinger

When the children were young, I had a firm rule about picking up toys before meals. In my training in physical therapy, I learned that it takes the same level of intellectual and motor skills to pull a toy out … Read more

December 2020

Landon is Learning to Create a Beautiful Brain

No Greater Joy Ministries

My kids are famous for being screamers. I mean the LOUD, embarrassing, over-the-top, uncontrollable shrieks. They were quick to anger and always shut down when we tried to train. Four kids under four is not easy. I did not come … Read more

October 2020

Learning To Train – Not To Parent

Wanda Kinsinger

Twenty-one years ago, my husband and I adopted our first child. At the time, we were not the typical adoption family. Many couples go through a lengthy period of trying to have children before grieving the loss of hope and … Read more

August 2020
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Interacting With Your Children

Michael Pearl and Debi Pearl

It is easy to recognize when a child has had significant interaction with his parents. His eyes are bright and alive with the pleasure of everything happening around him. He is always “in the way,” not wanting to be left … Read more

August 2020

What Happens to Children When the Rapture Takes Place?

Michael Pearl

What happens to children when the rapture takes place?

December 2019

Why Did My Baby Stop Smiling?

Debi Pearl

When my son was a newborn, he was the happiest little guy you would ever see. When he was about four months old it seems his smile just disappeared. Now at seven months he is like a totally different child. What happened to my smiley baby?

October 2019
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The Gift of Music

Debi Pearl

Music becomes the gateway to increased brain power for all areas of learning, including math, science, and memory. Here’s how to incorporate it in your child’s everyday life to build a big brain!

August 2019
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Training Babies

Shoshanna (Pearl) Easling

How do you raise hardworking, cheerful children who look for ways to serve those around them? It’s easy when you start on day one. The day they are born, training begins.

June 2018
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Questions and Answers

Debi Pearl

Did you keep your baby in the same room with you when cooking or cleaning, or did you leave her to play alone? Debi Answers I enjoyed my baby being a part of my life, so from the beginning I … Read more

December 2017