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Articles on Health

Eating WILD

Knowing how to eat in the wild can save money, and it can even save your life. I am going to show you how to cook a few wild foods.

Red Clover, Red Clover, Let Good Health Come...

Red clover is one of history’s most popular herbs. Farmers plant it for a cover crop and mix it into their hay crops to increase the protein content of their animal feed.

The Vision, Chapter 1

6 A.M., Seattle, February 11 Asher Joel felt strangely detached, staring at the thick, gray morning fog cloaking the world beyond the diner’s window.

Healthy Again

When bentonite clay is taken into one's body, metals and toxins are drawn into the 'sponge' through electrical attraction and bonding.

Learn and Live Well

The key to a good garden is not harder work, but smarter planning. Last year, I had a vegetable garden...picked bushels of food and NEVER weeded. Yes, it took a little (...)

Gypsy Soup

Perhaps you have heard of the famous old legend called Stone Soup. Different countries have published various versions of the story, but the essence of the old legend remains (...)

Hard Times Coming

For believers, there are bad times and then there are BAD times. A recession is not a bad time; it is an inconvenience.

Herbal Tidbit—Wild Cherry

Have you ever wondered why many throat drops, sprays, and syrups come in cherry flavor?

Jungle Juice

For the sake of his ministry, I knew Mike needed to think clearly and stay healthy. I began working on a liquid herbal formula that would supply the minerals and vitamins he (...)