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Cloistered Homeschool Syndrome

The Foger family came to stay with us one spring about 12 years ago while they were on furlough from Mozambique. Their eighth child was soon to be delivered. Although I had just met the family, I was highly impressed by them. The oldest daughter, 19 years old, was a joyful, hardworking, energetic, blue-eyed beauty. The next, a 17 year old son, was cut in the mold of his father, dedicated, reserved, and very mission-minded. The five other children were 13 years old and younger. The family sang together with strong, forceful voices, no bashfulness among them. The two oldest… Read More
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November 2020 Calendar

Debi Pearl

Amazing Junk Food You can have amazingly healthy food that costs you NOTHING. Here’s how: You will need 2 storage bowls that you keep in the fridge. Bowl 1: In Bowl ONE, save all your leftover veggies. For instance, if … Read more

October 2020

The Gift of Work

Wanda Kinsinger

By Wanda Kinsinger My children began helping around the house long before it was work to them. Every young child wants to do what their mommy is doing, but not every mother will let them do it until they are … Read more

June 2020

Instilling Hope

Debi Pearl

There are no expectations in life that are worth taking away a child’s hope. Reading, writing, and arithmetic are foolish endeavors compared to eternal joys, thanksgiving, hope, and charity.

October 2018

Believe I Can

Debi Pearl

I felt a lump in my throat as I watched my 8-year-old son slowly stand up. Holding his Bible, he looked at the phrase his Sunday School teacher had written on the whiteboard and asked him to read out loud. She was a good teacher, she just didn’t know that Gabriel had struggled to learn phonics and had only begun to painstakingly sound out words on his own volition several months before. He looked down at his Bible, and then his eyes met mine and filled with tears at the humiliation he was experiencing, surrounded by his peers who couldn’t understand why a child their age couldn’t read as well as them.

August 2018

Gearing Up for Homeschooling

Shalom (Pearl) Brand

Here are my tips for homeschooling in 2018!

June 2018
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Observing the Process

Rebekah Rising

At four years old, my son was letting me know that he was ready to learn how to read.

June 2018

Homeschool Adventure: Playing Possum

Debi Pearl

Some years ago, Mike came home from preaching at the prison really riled up. I thought something bad must have gone down with the inmates. After he calmed down Mike told me, “I will never again ride down to the … Read more

June 2018

Teens Preparing for Responsibility

Debi Pearl

Wise teens will be constantly preparing for what amounts to survival in this uncertain world.

October 2017

Lifestyle Homeschooling

Michael Pearl

You can’t be too ignorant to homeschool. It is not how much you know; it is how much you are learning. You don’t need to communicate great things; you just need to communicate the joy of learning.

August 2017

From Our Mailbox: Advice from the Oldest Hikers

Monty Chipman

Dear NGJ, My husband and I have recently returned from a summer-long adventure (May–September) of hiking the Continental Divide Trail. It’s 3,000 miles long, from Mexico to Canada. We were the oldest hikers to finish the trail this year (my … Read more

June 2017