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Unwanted, Unloved, & Ashamed | Sarala's...

This story is of a girl from an unreached tribal people in India. Her story is told in her own words, combined with comic-style art created with the help of AI. We are excited to (...)

Mexico Prisoner Testimonies

Good & Evil Missions Update In the fall of 2021 we had the vision to expand our prison outreach using the Good and Evil comic Bible into prisons in Mexico. Here is an update (...)

Wael's Testimony

We use 100% of the funds you donate to the iMissions fund to buy ads through Google and Facebook offering a free download of the Good and Evil comic book Bible in over 30 (...)

Update From Pakistan

Here is a recent update from our partner in Pakistan. The testimony it contains has been redacted in places to protect the safety of those involved. Dear Brothers,Greetings in the (...)

Testimony From Pakistan

In each issue we'd like to share with you a story of the work God is doing around the world through the Good and Evil book, made possible by your support. This amazing testimony (...)