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Mexico Prisoner Testimonies

April 17, 2023

Good & Evil Missions Update

In the fall of 2021 we had the vision to expand our prison outreach using the Good and Evil comic Bible into prisons in Mexico. Here is an update on the ministry that has grown as a result. ~NGJ

In Matthew 25:35–40 Jesus says that when we have visited the prisoner, we have visited him.

In Mark 2:17 Jesus said, “They that are whole have no need of the physician, but they that are sick: I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.”

In Hebrews 13:3 “Remember them that are in bonds, as bound with them; and them which suffer adversity, as being yourselves also in the body.”

It is absolutely clear that God’s mandate for us to present Christ crucified to every creature (see Colossians 1:19–29) includes the people of God devoting their time, energy, and resources to actively ministering to prisoners.

In 2022, NGJ began several new strategies of gifting personal copies of Good & Evil Bibles (El Bien y El Mal – the Spanish language edition) to 35,000 individual prisoners in Mexico. And in March of 2023, we will begin to distribute El Bien y El Mal inside prisons in El Salvador and Colombia. In each of these distributions, we are co-laboring with in-country pastors and chaplains. They are equipped to provide follow-up Bible study and counseling. Lives are being changed! And we know God’s Word will NOT return void (see Isaiah 55:11). Please pray and continue to support these Good & Evil distribution projects worldwide.
We share with you these testimonies:

From Pastor/Chaplain Juan Carlos:
“We gathered together at the Rehabilitation Center and distributed the Good & Evil Bibles, reading selected pages and sharing with them the Word of God. I taught them the hymn, “Holy, Holy, Holy” and explained how as sinners we cannot be in a relationship with a Holy God except by coming through the shed blood of Jesus and accepting his payment for our sin-debt. At least 16 men in the rehabilitation center prayed in that meeting to ask God for his forgiveness and accept Jesus Christ as their Savior.”

From prisoner Amelia:
“The book El Bien y El Mal has helped me to better understand the Word of God. It has helped me to comprehend things that I did not understand prior. I found it very interesting and can share it with those who do not know anything about God. It is a captivating book that makes you desire to keep reading until you complete it. I give thanks to God and to the people that have made the book possible. May God bless each of your lives.”

From former prisoner (now in a rehabilitation center) Vanessa:
“Although it is a Bible in comic-book style and has reduced content, I get emotional when I study it. It makes me desire to show it and talk about it [God’s Word] with everyone in the world.”

From Pastor Samuel:
“A total of 109 inmates (83 prisoners the first day and 26 the second day) have made professions of faith in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior after our El Bien y El Mal Bible distribution to each of 325 prisoners at the , the Maximum Security Federal Penitentiary in my area. After the distribution, the director of the prison invited me to hold church services each Monday and Wednesday from 11 am–1 pm. I prayed about what messages or topics I should teach, and the Lord laid on my heart to go page-by-page through the comic-book Bible . . . but elaborating on each story by reading the full passages from Scripture. The men are really enjoying the study, and the number of participants each week is increasing. There were approximately 25 professing evangelical Christians in the prison prior to the G&E distribution; now there are 134 (109+25). I spoke with the director recently regarding how I might request access, i.e. obtain permission to enter the prison for a film showing, and the director told me with emotion and conviction, “Anything to do with God, you can do!”

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