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What Should a Single Girl Do With Her Savings?
This is answered in a practical way. What a girl earns before marriage is her money, but once she is married, what they have is theirs. 

I know of two examples where the girls were older and had accumulated a very tidy sum of money before marrying.

Example One knew she was marrying a tight-fisted man (which she admired). Example Two had a good-sized sum from selling her business that she had started from scratch when she was just a teenager.
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Learning to Become a Multi-Colored Girl
A lot has happened since the books Created to Be His Help Meet and Preparing to Be a Help Meet were published. Created has been translated into eight or ten languages and there have been thousands of Created and Preparing classes all over the world. 

Through the letters and the blogs I have learned much that has helped me in addressing your needs.
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Female Use Of Porn

Historically we have thought of porn consumption as solely a male vice. The inaccuracy of that is now obvious. The so-called (...)

The Third Woe (the rules have changed)

Many years ago Alexander Scourby made an audio recording of the entire King James Bible and it remains the standard to this (...)

A Walk Through Our Archives

The Ant by Shalom (Pearl) Brand There once was an ant named Christa-Christa (Gracie’s favorite name), who lived on a very b (...)

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