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Debi Pearl and Jackie Kenaston in California!

August 14, 2013

Debi and Jackie will be speaking at the Calvary Chapel Natomas in Sacramento, CA on Sunday & Monday August 25 & 26 at 7 pm.

Do not miss this opportunity to hear these godly women discuss how to be the Help Meet that God created wives to be. Their distinct and unique backgrounds both led to glorious marriages because of their obedience as wives to God’s word. Come and discover how good marriages can become better and how broken marriages can be healed.

For location and directions, visit the Calvary Chapel Natomas website.

6 comments on “Debi Pearl and Jackie Kenaston in California!”

  1. I suppose this works for some, but it leaves little comfort for the bride who finds her
    man depressed, then violent, and later diagnosed as mentally ill, which her man hid
    the signs of during courtship. I hope you can address this issue as well, since one in
    3 women now find themselves in abuse.

  2. Well I for one am very excited that they are coming to CA. And I agree with the previous comment that their Biblical exhortation certainly does work for some, indeed many. While it is impossible to address every subject in any speaking engagement, they always do such a great job speaking to most marriages and family matters. To the previous comment, I will pray for your safety and the incarceration of any person who violates the law and endangers others.

  3. did you all pen a tv 23rd psalm? I think I heard rick grubbs quote that yesterday on radio. I cant find it on his website anywhere but I think he mentioned the pearls. I would love to have that if you know what im talking about. thanks, bonnie

  4. Debi Pearl:

    I am a mexican woman, I red your book about helpmate and you are blessing for me.

    I would like to write you but I don't know, what is your e-mail?

    Can you give me your e-mail? I need to advace but I don't know who can I help me.

    Thank you