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A Thankful Heart

June 15, 2007

Every night as I tuck my girls in and pray with them, I thank God for the things in my life. I thank him for loving me while I was yet a sinner. I thank God for dying for me, for giving me my precious children, money, health, and happiness. All this is good and important for them to hear, but that is not where they learn thankfulness. Those are big issues that are important to me, their daddy.

Financial well being is a difficult concept to grasp by the two-year-old mind. When I come home from work, hot, tired, and care-worn, and my wife greets me with a smile and a kiss, her eyes and spirit all say, “Thank you for what you’ve done for us today.” That is where my little girls learn a thankful heart.  It is the spirit of the home that teaches thankfulness to my children, not just something that is said or taught. You can discipline for unthankfulness, but that does not create a thankful spirit. Thankfulness is a worldview. It is how you perceive your lot in life. Proverbs 23:7 says, “For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he.” So, in closing, just in case you were wondering — YES! I am thankful that I have the best wife in the world.

Just an Idea
We have spent the last three months living on the Caribbean island of Utila, Honduras.  We have enjoyed scuba diving with whales, sharks, and dolphins. Our days are filled with swimming, snorkeling, boating, and fishing. It has been an exhilarating and wonderful experience for the whole family. However, when I go out to dive, my wife and three small children cannot go out on a commercial dive boat, as it is only geared toward adults. The same is true for most other activities. Even at the resorts, they want to split family activities up. We are considering the viability of creating a small resort with dress codes and Christian values/standards that will cater to like-minded homeschool families. The idea is to have cabins geared towards large families, classrooms to certify divers, and a sailboat from which to dive and snorkel. Prices could be kept very reasonable, and several families of like mind could come together. Whole families could participate in sailing, diving, fishing, navigating, and learn about the underwater world, tying knots, and the science of ocean currents, tides, winds, and salt-water plants and animals, etc. This is something that I would like for my family. How many others would be interested in this type of experience. If you are, how long would you want to stay? What other activities would interest you? Would you be interested in participating in the structuring and organization of this type of adventure? We are also looking for investors. All ideas and suggestions are welcomed. If interested, email us: [email protected]

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4 comments on “A Thankful Heart”

  1. i've just found your website and read this article about the family resort idea. did this happen? are you up and running? i'd love to know more about it! thanks!

  2. I think a family resort of that type would be so awesome. It is much needed as well. What a blessing that would be for so many of us looking for a great place to vacation with our families.

  3. i just found this article and see that it is dated 2007...did you proceed with this concept of a resort. my family would love it! my husband and i both dive and our oldest is ready to get certified. we hope to do family dive trips in the future. this type of a place would be wonderful!

  4. My family would definitely be interested in a resort like this! It sounds like an amazing experience to have as a family. At this point in our lives, we probably couldn't stay more than a week to 10 days at a time. The activities listed sound great! We have very young children, ages 3-7, so we would be interested in them learning about sea animals on their age level. We would also like for them to be able to learn/practice their swim skills. Please contact us if this resort is now or becomes a reality in the future!