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Wisdom Is Knowing Both The Good and The Evil

October 15, 2021

Have you ever thought about the fact that when Eve was offered the fruit in the garden she was told she would be like the gods, knowing both good and evil? It was true that she would be like the gods, because until then all Eve understood was good, blessings, delight, love, joy, and pleasure. She didn’t understand violence, regret, fear, bitterness, deceit, or meanness. It wasn’t a problem because there were no evil people ready to misuse her innocence except, of course, Satan, the father of lies himself.

Children raised in good homes with loving parents, clean, wholesome friends, and happy, healthy environments often are like Eve when it comes to the father of lies: it simply never occurs to them that people are evil, that they are being cunningly lied to and really evil things are more likely than not. Knowing BOTH good and evil is wisdom. Sometimes the wisest people are only wise on righteous matters and have no wisdom when it comes to discerning evil. People raised like this are naïve and vulnerable as they think that always being sweet, polite, and forgiving is godly. They will trust their own compassionate heart because it feels so spiritual and are very often repelled by the counsel of those who have seen both sides. They lack half the knowledge and therefore do not have the wisdom of discernment.

A while back I was talking to a man about the ministry of rescuing sexually abused children. He stopped me, saying that that only happened in Thailand or places like that. It was not happening with American children. When I gave facts contrary to his ideas he simply could not believe that anyone would sexually use a little kid. That man was raised like Eve, living in a perfect garden, and has no idea and wouldn’t believe it if I told him that the devil lurks behind his very door.

I fear that we homeschoolers have raised a generation of Eves. We live in an evil world. Men everywhere are becoming child-molesting perverts due to porn. Porn is designed to this end. Don’t be naïve and think otherwise. It is a horrifying truth that half the “Christian” men in your acquaintance are looking at porn and their porn is geared to provoke in them a lust for the young. It is Satan’s desire. Evil is moving with amazing speed, taking over everything. We must lay aside our naivety, our innocence, and our belief in the goodness of humanity. Prepare yourself and your children for warfare. Satan is the god of this world and he will use his cleverest tricks to deceive you into believing that the good person is evil and that the evil person is good. Satan is preparing the whole world, one person at a time, one occasion at a time, for being deceived. God says there is coming a time when if it were possible the very elect would be deceived because the lies are so convincing. It is time to ask God for wisdom to recognize the evil one when he or she comes sweetly inviting you to be a part of their life. This is war.