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Have you, like me, prayed for revival, and dreamed of people responding in droves to the gospel?During Jesus’ earthly ministry, the nation of Israel was badly in need of revival. C (...)

iMissionaries: Proving the Taliban Wrong!

Today I read the headline: Taliban denies Christian presence in Afghanistan. I just shook my head and smiled. Because I know from personal interaction on messaging apps with (...)

Sending Out 100,000 Missionaries

Looking at the world around us we see the need for Christ more than ever while the time left to preach him grows ever shorter. This year we decided that we need to focus on (...)

iMissionaries: A Record Response From Musl...

Thank you for being an iMissionary! People all over the world are getting touched by the gospel thanks to your contributions. Read on below to hear some of the stories. But first (...)

iMissionaries: Afghan Converts

We run ads on Google and Facebook offering a free download of the Good and Evil comic book Bible in over 20 languages. Most who click the ads are from nations that are restricted (...)

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