“I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth” (3 John 1:4).

NGJ Magazine:
August 1995

Volume 1, Number 4

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Table of Contents


Debi Pearl

If I had to choose just one herb to send with Rebekah to the jungles of P.N.G., I would without question send garlic.

Handling Sibling Aggression

Michael Pearl

A reader asks, “How do you handle sibling aggression, fighting over toys, etc.? How do they learn to handle situations and not run to mama? How does mama learn not to intervene?”

Aiome Tribe Welcomes Missionaries

Michael Pearl

This news letter will go to the printer before Rebekah and Gabriel get home from Papua New Guinea. For us, it has been a matter of daily, nearly constant prayer. We know that our two children are in our Father’s …

Rule of Law

Michael Pearl

“Should a mature ten-year-old be allowed to switch a two-year-old if the mother is unavailable, for example, during a temper tantrum?”

Noah and Elijah on the Mount

Michael Pearl

Some good friends of mine dropped off their twenty-four-month old son to stay with us for a week while they worked in a youth camp.

3-Year-Old Screamer

Michael Pearl

“My three-year-old daughter often screams when she is aggravated by the other children or when she doesn’t get her way. Is this normal? Will she grow out of it?”

Homeschooler Obeys the Great Commission

Michael Pearl

I want to introduce you to another homeschooler, T. J. Slayman.


Michael Pearl

A parent describes her dilemma: “I get so frustrated with the children. No matter how many times I tell them or spank them, they just do the same thing again. We just go ’round and ’round.”

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