“I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth” (3 John 1:4).

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January-February 2021

Volume 27, Number 1

Table of Contents

50 Years, Better Than Ever

Michael Pearl

In a world of confusion, pain, and uncertainty where the best in us is tried and questioned on a daily basis, where cynicism is exceeded only by bitterness, as a 75-year-old man married to a 70-year-old lady for 50 years, …

Bitterness or Fun: Your Choice

Debi Pearl

As a general rule, my husband just doesn’t take the trash out. I could be annoyed, or I could learn to enjoy taking the trash out. I’m smart. I enjoy taking trash out. One day last week my husband saw …

Picking Up Toys

Wanda Kinsinger

When the children were young, I had a firm rule about picking up toys before meals. In my training in physical therapy, I learned that it takes the same level of intellectual and motor skills to pull a toy out …

Shifting Gears

Nathan Pearl

You know that kid you sometimes see at the grocery store? You know the one. She exclaims loudly for the whole store to hear, “No, Mama, I want that one!” To which Mama quickly replies, “No, sweetie, you can’t have …

Jesse’s Story

Wanda Kinsinger

Adjusting to Three Children, Three and Under When our oldest son, James, was three years old, my husband and I began the adoptive process once again. We anticipated adopting a baby girl this time. We filled out all the paperwork, …

The Three Miracles of 2020

Debi Pearl

Miracle Number 1: At the last quarter of 2019 a miracle started taking shape—a real God-given miracle. God let me know that beginning in January 2020 HE was going to open the hearts and minds of people all over the …

Developing Confidence and Competence in a Three-Year-Old

Michael Pearl

Lincoln, one of my 26 grand-kids, just turned three. He is my little working buddy right now. During the summer he was my fishing buddy—too much so; I found myself having to constantly say, “Maybe later.” He would fish 24/7 …

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