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Child Training 101 - Building Morals in Yo...

Transcription [music intro] Michael Pearl:  If they sense injustice we create rebellion. If they sense inconsistency we create rebellion. We have to do it carefully (...)

Teaching Responsibility - Working with a P...

Transcription [music intro] Michael Pearl:  Children, two, three years old, when you don't expect anything from them, then they have no purpose. They're going to be unhappy (...)

Child Training 101 - The Terrible Two's

Transcription [intro music] Michael Pearl:  What happens is when they come into the world, they're Mama's little sweetheart. But they grow up and they're not so cute anymore (...)

Joy of Training - Squashing the Sissy

Transcription music intro] Michael Pearl:  Some people just raise sissies right from the start. I didn't raise sissies. My girls were not even sissies; they are just tough as (...)

Marriage God's Way - Sharing the Pie

Transcription [music intro] Michael Pearl:  The first lesson that I learned in marriage, is that all women are irrational and emotional unstable. [laughter] The first lesson (...)

The Mission Press

Introduce your children to the eternal vision of God. See how God used simple men who believed they could reach the world for Christ. There are still so many who have never (...)

Teaching Responsibility - Working is Fun

This short segment shows a very cheerful working baby. The baby is now a big girl, and she still loves to work.

Movers & Shakers - Happiness Should Be...

How you build joy in your home? Mike sets the family free from bondage with this bold truth.

Marriage God's Way - How He May Please His...

How can a man balance ministry and family? Mike turns to Scripture to show how a married man’s first obligation is to his wife.

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