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Articles on Girls & Boys

The Salvation of Children

My kids are 6 and 8 years old and are not saved. How do I explain the plan of salvation without "scaring" them into a false sense of security?

A Thankful Heart

Children Learn Heart Attitudes from Mom and Dad’s Actions

Daddy's Little Man

James, my husband, and Jeremiah James, our 19-month-old son, are two peas in a pod; they are together all the time, either working or playing.


My husband is a mechanic, and in his line of work he meets all kinds of different people, because everybody needs their car worked on at one time or another. There are at (...)

Tumbling Tots

You can learn a great deal about child training from watching other parents relate to their children.

Keeping Your Children First

It's our duty as parents to surround our children with healthy activities and friends.

What does it mean to be a Man?

It's time to draw the line between boys and men.

Too Young to Spank?

When is a child too young to spank? The answer is obviously dependent on your definition of the word "spank."

Sweet Kids

How do you make your children get along?

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