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From Benjamin

April 15, 2016
Benjamin and Haley

My new bride and I were traveling through Tennessee on our honeymoon and visited Mr. Pearl and Mrs. Debi for a few days. Mrs. Debi asked me questions about how my parents raised my siblings and I concerning schooling because she was working on the May/June magazine called Answers. So here is what happened in our house:

My mom made an effort for our early schooling (10 kids); learning to read, write, math and general info. By the time we were 12 we were off working with Dad in construction. I am 22 years old now and I know that my academics need some honing down. Like most of my siblings, I do love to learn. At the present I am interested in medical research as my new bride has some minor health issues. Now that she is my responsibility, I want to know all the newest findings on good nutrition, etc., in order to keep her healthy.  Most days I spend a little time researching her particular needs and new advances in healing. It is a whole new world of study which I am finding fascinating.

The few days I was in Tennessee I used my homeschool acquired skills to fix the NGJ skid steer as well as work with a construction crew to build a barn and roof two others. This more than paid for our honeymoon time in the area. The day before heading home I was offered an interesting job working in Hawaii, but have a business at home and several people waiting for me to come back from my honeymoon so I can fix their trucks.

I am thankful that my dad had a bigger picture for my education than Dewey system. I know that I can go anywhere in the world and make a good living. I also know that any lack in my education is my responsibility and my pleasure to peruse. What my parents poured into me and my 9 siblings was basic education, several real-life working skills, a wide range of travel and adventure, family honor and loyalty, and a love for learning.

At 22 years old I am a very happily married man. I own a few vehicles as well as 2 profitable businesses and all the tools necessary to run them. I also have a deep love for the word of God and a desire to seek God’s will. The more I travel and the greater number of people I have met the greater I have come to see I was really blessed in my home life. My parents loved each other, instilled in us self-discipline and homeschooled us right-on. I have no fear of failing and no regrets.

My name is Benjamin and my sweetie’s name is Haley. I want to say thanks to my parents.


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