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How Do You Keep Marriage Alive?

April 15, 2016
How Do You Keep Marriage Alive?

Question: How Do You Keep Marriage Alive?

Last week someone asked me, “How do you keep a marriage alive?”

Shoshanna Answers:

Here is my answer: You flirt! You tease! You date! You work to impress! You be impressed! You find ways to laugh, sit close, and hang out together. You kiss every chance you can. You dart around the corner and make out! You dress for each other. You pray. You are thankful and count your blessings. You look for ways to bless the other. You worry less about their job and you do yours. You are understanding. You find interest in the same things and have fun learning, growing, and doing that thing together. You kick up a heel and blow him a kiss, or better. Then you do it all again tomorrow!

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