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Herbs—Bladder Infection

August 15, 1995

It had been 12 years since I had a bladder infection, but some things are hard to forget.
At the first symptom, I reached for the frozen blueberries and wrote cranberry juice down on the shopping list. After 3 days of cranberry juice, blueberries, lots of pure, clean spring water and no carbonated drinks, I still had the bladder infection. It was time to get serious.
In one of my books I found a combination of herbs that were suppose to help, but it didn’t say how much of each herb. I decided a teaspoon of each would get me started. I load up the old electric percolator (coffee pot is convenient for making herbal teas) with the herbs. During the day I drank 8 cups of the tea. I brewed the same leaves twice. By evening I forgot I ever had a bladder infection. The next day was full of visitors, cooking, cleaning, painting a room, shipping hundreds of books, etc.
By 2 am that night the symptoms reappeared. Stumbling in the dark, I was thankful to find 1/4 cup of the brew left in the tea pot. The next morning with more respect and anticipation I measured one teaspoon of Parsley, Stinging Nettle, Ginger, Chamomile and Juniper Berries in my old pot. Marshmallow root would have been a good addition, but I did not have it on hand. As I was preparing breakfast, I longingly anticipated my first cup. The lesson I learned again is that it takes more than one day for an herbal tincture to completely heal disease. After 8 cups a day for 3 days, I was finally free from the discomfort and inconvenience that only a bladder infection can bring.
Clark’s Natural Herbs, PO Box 12, Chaffee, NY 14030 will compound any formula you want. For a bladder infection, common sense dictates the advantages of a tea. Teas are made of cut herb rather than ground or powdered.

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