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Who’s The Best of the Three?

The first man Adam was a Mr. Steady. A Mr. Steady/Priestly Man wants peace, and he wants to give tender favor and emotional support to his wife, even when it would be wiser to (...)

Mr. Command (King – God the Father)

My daddy was a Mr. Command Man. He was so much so that he teetered on selfish. When he walked in the door at 5 PM after being at work he assumed a home-cooked dinner would be (...)

Welcome Home!

Mike and I started No Greater Joy Ministries by accident. We were, by choice, Tennessee hillbillies and farmers—which we still are—but God had other plans. He must have been lau (...)

Make It A Habit

When I was young, I had a friend who had a habit of tasting anything anyone was eating, even if the dining person didn’t want their food touched. She was such a funny sweetheart a (...)

From our Mailbox – An ex-Gentle Pare...

I have recently discovered your books after realizing Gentle Parenting wasn’t working. I have seen my home turn to a more joy-filled, playful environment since training my (...)

Simple Wisdom Part II

Are your prayers being hindered? Do you wonder why God is not answering? It could be like the time when Daniel needed to know the king’s dream but a host of fallen angels fought a (...)

Watch and be Blessed

Mike and I don’t travel anymore, but this past June Mike felt a real leading from God to go to the Ohio camp meeting. It was not a long drive and our grandson Jeremiah chauffeured (...)

Simple Wisdom

Over the course of my long life, I have watched and noticed that those who are easily offended do not do well in life—emotionally, physically, or spiritually. Sometimes the wear a (...)

Boring Your Kids To Desperation

After 45 years of homeschooling and/or watching others homeschool, I have come to the lofty conviction that it is easier to homeschool the more kids you have. Children and teens (...)

My Story

In the Bible, we find many stories of God’s people being put through fiery trials. Job, Abraham, David, Jeremiah, Daniel, and even Samson are a few that come to mind. Once they e (...)

Mirror Neurons

I am loaded with mirror neurons. Thankfully I have a friend named Rachel who has more than I do, so it makes me feel a little better about myself. We can both attest that an (...)

Being God’s Friend

Imagine being known in heaven as God’s friend. That’s what God called Abraham. Abraham didn’t have a Bible or a church, but he sought to know God intimately. God tested his faith o (...)

Why Did God Choose A Loser?

We all know about Samson. He messed up his life, embarrassed his parents, and caused a great deal of tension and war with other nations with his lust, gambling, and tomfoolery (...)

Create A Better Brain

Autism is THE MOST pressing issue for today’s parents. It is predicted by Dr. Stephanie Seneff that by 2025 half of all babies born will be autistic. NOW is the time to learn why (...)


Por Debi Pearl Como regla general, mi esposo nomás no saca la basura. Yo podría molestarme o podría aprender a disfrutar sacar la basura. Soy inteligente. Me gusta sacar la ba (...)

The Hmong People…Not Forgotten

In the early 2000s, there was an international humanitarian crisis among a little-known people, the Hmong. (You can read more about their history here on Wikipedia (...)

What’s That Stink?

A few years ago (before Mike took on a more socially accepted demeanor) we pulled into the parking lot of our local country store just as an old friend drove up beside us. We got (...)

I Hate That Prophet!

Did you know that most of the Bible is prophecy? A prophecy foretells the future. A prophet is someone who hears from God as to the future. The prediction could be in the lifetime (...)

And A Little Child Shall Lead Them

Over the many years we have been in ministry, I have taken note of the children who have passed away early. So many were spoken of as unusually kind, loving, forgiving, praying (...)


The psychological sciences assert that bitterness sickens the body, damages the bones, and weakens the immune system, as do all negative emotions. “A sound heart is the life of t (...)

If This Were My Last Article. What Would I...

The other day I saw an online post that said, “If this were your last day, what would you do?” My first thought was that of the war in Ukraine and those people, right at this mom (...)


Hope has become an important word and concept in the world of neuroplasticity. When one is hopeful it actually sculpts the brain, thus creating a better you. Researchers realize (...)

Female Use Of Porn

Historically we have thought of porn consumption as solely a male vice. The inaccuracy of that is now obvious. The so-called soft science of psychology has provided us with a (...)

Light Bearers | Prison Ministry

Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid. “ Matthew 5:14No Greater Joy has made the gospel available all over the world in many languages at the c (...)

Hope In Action

Life as we know it—all over the world—is changing drastically and it is not for the better. As I wrote in my books Yell and Tell, “Those prepared are usually spared.” My advice is (...)

The Third Woe (the rules have changed)

Many years ago Alexander Scourby made an audio recording of the entire King James Bible and it remains the standard to this day. He has great diction and a storytelling tone that (...)


Mike was briefly a Boy Scout some 68 years ago. The other day he was quoting (or trying to) something he had learned back then: “Prepare to succeed or you will have prepared to f (...)

A Mule Has Two Brains

Just the other day, I heard an old mule trainer make one of the wisest statements about child training I have ever heard. He was not talking about children; he was talking about (...)

50 Years And We Still Do!

August 22, 2021, marked our 50th anniversary. It has been an interesting 50 years. In 1971 Mike was an ordained Southern Baptist but was pastoring an Independent Baptist Church (...)

Thank you Light Bearers

Dear Fellow Laborer, Starting in our teenage years, Mike and I both did evangelism with young military men. It was during the Vietnam War when men were shipping out to what could (...)

A Walk Through Our Archives

The Ant by Shalom (Pearl) Brand There once was an ant named Christa-Christa (Gracie’s favorite name), who lived on a very big farm. One morning in early Spring, when the dew was s (...)

When Rebellion is Godly

Fifty years ago when Mike and I first started teaching our children at home (illegal at the time), we met with resistance from friends, family, and later from the authorities. The (...)

Don’t do Missions as Usual

From a missionary: Dear Michael and Debi Pearl, On my resent mission trip to Sudan I came across a dear pastor that has found the perfect building for his church, but he simply (...)

The Three Miracles of 2020

Miracle Number 1: At the last quarter of 2019 a miracle started taking shape—a real God-given miracle. God let me know that beginning in January 2020 HE was going to open the h (...)

Bitterness or Fun: Your Choice

As a general rule, my husband just doesn’t take the trash out. I could be annoyed, or I could learn to enjoy taking the trash out. I’m smart. I enjoy taking trash out. One day las (...)

November 2020 Calendar

Amazing Junk Food You can have amazingly healthy food that costs you NOTHING. Here’s how: You will need 2 storage bowls that you keep in the fridge. Bowl 1: In Bowl ONE, save all y (...)

The Biblical Role of Husband and Wife

The biblical roles of a husband and wife are according to God in agreement with nature. Biblical truth is never adverse to nature. God created us and everything else. He never (...)

December 2020 Calendar

The Brain Changer Game Landon has always had a lack of willingness to communicate. At the ripe age of 5 he had developed the habit of seldom looking anyone in the eye. He also (...)

Interacting With Your Children

It is easy to recognize when a child has had significant interaction with his parents. His eyes are bright and alive with the pleasure of everything happening around him. He is (...)

Ranurado cerebral

Los estudios en animales han demostrado que los ratones recién nacidos deben experimentar una sensación de bigotes en los primeros días de vida para permitirles desarrollar ha (...)

Conejos fétidos

Desde mi perspectiva femenina, los hombres son una raza diferente muy difícil de entender para nosotras las mujeres equilibradas emocionalmente. Para probar esta declaración me g (...)

Rotten Rabbits

From my female perspective, men are a different race, very difficult for us more emotionally balanced females to understand. To prove this statement, I would like to bring to your (...)

God’s Words Are Alive

Why do some children grow up to be emotionally balanced, self-disciplined, godly human beings and others not so much? When the Bible says, “Train up a child in the way he should g (...)

2020 Eternal Vision

It was sometime toward the end of 2019 when God gave us a certainty that, at the beginning of 2020, No Greater Joy Ministries should focus on getting the gospel to every person we (...)

How our family is preparing for COVID-19 o...

Listen to Debi Pearl and Shoshanna (Pearl) Easling sharing their thoughts on how to prepare for (and maybe prevent) the COVID-19 (coronavirus). Debi’s daughter, Shoshanna, is c (...)

7 Important Things to Know in Raising Chil...

1. Make time for them. Children are like plants. They need attention and direction every day. I plant a garden every year, and about half of the time I wait too long to stake my (...)

How to Make Love Potions

Love is neurological—it happens in the brain, not the heart!

Publishing to All Nations

For the first time in human history, through the avenue of social media and cell phones, we have the ability to reach the entire world with the good news.

Weird Traditions

If a single girl leaves her parents home before she is married, does she lose her father's "covering?"

What Should a Single Girl Do With Her Savi...

What should a single girl do with her money when she is married? Does she give her new husband her hard-earned money? Do they sign a prenuptial agreement?

1,000 Girls Strong

A young lady wants to make a difference in eternity, to be used by God, to make an impact. Buuuuuuut, her mom needs her at home. What's a girl to do?

You Need to Watch This!

When I heard TJ speak it was like a light went off in my head, “YES! This is what all young people need to hear!” So, be blessed by taking 14 minutes and watch him tell about his b (...)

Why Did My Baby Stop Smiling?

When my son was a newborn, he was the happiest little guy you would ever see. When he was about four months old it seems his smile just disappeared. Now at seven months he is (...)


What exactly is autism? What does it do to the brain? What can we do to stop the growing numbers? And once a child is diagnosed with autism, what can be done to help the (...)

The Gift of Music

Music becomes the gateway to increased brain power for all areas of learning, including math, science, and memory. Here's how to incorporate it in your child's everyday life (...)

What is Neuroplasticity?

Why should you want to read a book about the strange-sounding, relatively new science called neuroplasticity? How could knowledge of this science help you? More than you (...)

Teaching the Grands

One of the grandkids asked me what neuroplasticity meant and what my new book was all about. This is what I told them...

El Perfil de Jezabel

A diario leo muchas cartas de mujeres que están teniendo problemas en su matrimonio. También recibo cartas de mujeres que testifican de la victoria que han recibido y la sanación q (...)

Coming Soon… August 2019

Neuroplasticity is the study of how the brain changes itself. Through personal stories as well as quotes from the world of science, my new book introduces what is happening (...)

Give Him Some Slack, Not Flack

When I look around at the marriages that are really sweet, I see that the lady of the house cuts her man some slack. Giving slack is just acknowledging that he deserves to be (...)

Put Your Eyeballs on Me

The need in a child’s soul for you—his parent—to look at him is overwhelming. Face-time to a child is like sunshine to a flower or rain to parched soil.

The Three Types of Men: Junior-Size

Just like there are three types of men, boys all tend toward one personality type. Here's how to tell what natural inclinations your son has, and how you can guide him to (...)

The Blessing of ADD

I encourage you to see your child’s inclination with a label on it as his gift from above. He just needs the right opportunities to develop.

The Boys of Boston Shall Lead Us

Through a study done in the 1970s, we learned the single most determining factor in how to have a happy life.

Inculcando esperanza

Un niño sin esperanza es una vida trágica en proceso. Es trágica porque es innecesaria. Los padres y tutores transmiten esperanza en un futuro brillante por medio de sus palabras y (...)

The Most Gracious Miss Grace

Miss Grace lived in a tiny apartment adjoining my grandmother's big rambling home. I remember many times sitting at her small, fold-down table having a cup of tea from one of (...)

Love Grooming

Although I am not in Ryder's life like I was with the previous children, he still knows that we all love Mama Pearl and Big Papa. I have not earned his love. I have not won (...)

Instilling Hope

There are no expectations in life that are worth taking away a child’s hope. Reading, writing, and arithmetic are foolish endeavors compared to eternal joys, thanksgiving, h (...)

Depression Grooving Research

Science has proven that there is no such thing as “can’t help it.” Mike and I knew all through these 50 years of counseling, but what could we say to someone who came to us fo (...)

Believe I Can

I felt a lump in my throat as I watched my 8-year-old son slowly stand up. Holding his Bible, he looked at the phrase his Sunday School teacher had written on the whiteboard (...)

The Harvest has Arrived…

Thank you for your support of NGJ Ministries. This is the report of reaping the harvest. All our life we have worked for such a season of abundant fruit and now the yield is (...)

Homeschool Adventure: Playing Possum

Some years ago, Mike came home from preaching at the prison really riled up. I thought something bad must have gone down with the inmates. After he calmed down Mike told me, “I w (...)

Brain Grooving

From the very first moments of your child’s life, his brain is being molded into who and what he will become.

Who Is Your Man?

Every young bride has a preconceived notion of what her husband should be like. When she realizes that he fails to meet that standard, she spends the remainder of their marriage (...)

A Young Lady Writes…

I am courting a wonderful Godly young man, who I’m convinced is the man I will eventually marry. His parents are good, Christian people, but I have never heard him say one good t (...)

Let There Be Peace (Not Pieces)

This is the story of two border collies, both trying to protect my doomed chickens. Actually, the chickens and dogs illustrate a more pertinent truth about peace. I was trying to (...)

Debi Answers

My wife is upset with my inability to know what she needs without her having to say something… what should I do?

Teens Preparing for Responsibility

Wise teens will be constantly preparing for what amounts to survival in this uncertain world.

Mirror Children

Raising children in today’s evil times is not for the lazy, indifferent, or casual parent who is swept along with the flow of society—even Christian society.

From Our Mailbox – I Think God Spoke...

I think God spoke to me about my future husband. How do I know if God is speaking to me?

Making a Difference

49,246 Libyans read the Bible story online this year in Arabic. We were shocked and delighted when we discovered that nearly 50,000 people in Libya, a Muslim country of 6.5 (...)

From Our Mailbox

Dear Mrs. Pearl, I am 14 years old, and I have a question concerning hearing the voice of God. I think that God has told me a young man in our church is going to be my husband one (...)

Now Debi Has Something in Common with an E...

A long life will provide you with a great variety of experiences. This one was not on Deb’s bucket list. She never imagined it and now assures me she will never let this happen to (...)

Does What You Do Matter?

When I was a young mother I often wondered “Does what I do matter?” My life seemed so purposeless. Most days were spent cleaning the house, changing diapers, cooking meals, fee (...)

New Book! The Hidden Help Meet

Sometimes God gives a man an astoundingly powerful message. God blessed Denny Kenaston with such a message. It was called “The Hidden Woman.” He preached it often, and men and wom (...)

Part 2- Do You Want to Get Married?

This is a letter from a new husband, a good friend of ours, extolling his new wife, copied from Facebook 2-22-17: Six months have well-nigh passed since our sacred union—six of t (...)

Part 1- The Purists

The homeschool movement started with what some people call “Purist Trailblazers.” We were visionaries. We were doing the extreme—the unheard of. We would not do as the estab (...)

Seven Things I See

We are now old and full of years. It is different than we supposed. Our souls—who we are—haven’t aged at all, and we are not alone in that. All my life I have heard the elderly spe (...)

The Great Grandma Caper

When I was a little girl, maybe about seven years old, it was decided that I would go stay with what we called my "town Mama Granny" for a week. Everyone agreed it would be a (...)

Stand in the Gap

The Light Bearers ministry has been such a blessing! The light of Jesus Christ is being mailed into the darkest recesses of our society by

God Defines a Good Person: Three Needful T...

God has shown us what is good and what is required of us. So much of our religion is not required by God; some of it is not even good.

Seven Pearls for Finding a Happy Marriage

Our 45th wedding anniversary is upon us. That's a lot of wonderful years together. We were sitting at the table this morning discussing

Joshua Steele’s Bible First!

When we first moved to Cane Creek 30 years ago, there were about 30 people who met with us several times a week for over a year to study through the Old Testament.

Let Your Light Shine

God has raised up an army of people who are shining the light of Jesus into prisons all across America.

How to Teach Your Children to Know God

I have been reading the book of Joshua this week. The stories are a powerful reminder of who God is as we see how he reacts to situations in the life of his people.

Why Are My Teens Rebellious?

Why did this happen? Why do some young adults manifest disrespect and dishonor? How can a parent do everything right and still suffer rebellion in their teenagers?

January Ministry Gift Letter

This is the newsletter that is sent to our monthly supporters describing the eternal impact their gifts make. We thought you would also enjoy seeing how God has been using the (...)

A Dream Come True… 20 Years in the M...

Last month, Nathan returned to the mountain of Papua New Guinea and walked among the Kumboi people. He was a teenager when he was last there.

Marriage Good Will

Dr. John Gottman's findings are amazingly consistent with biblical truth. We have said before that a good marriage is one that is filled with good will.

The Church Does Not Replace Israel

Foolishness or Wisdom

In every group of children you will discover a wide spectrum of behavioral issues. Among these is the most disturbing of all, the foolish child.

What Hath God Wrought?

It has been 20 years since the very first issue of the No Greater Joy magazine. I can still remember sitting at our kitchen table, hand-addressing each one!

Give Attendance to Reading

There are paths we choose in life that forever change our destiny. Sometimes the choices seem small, even insignificant, such as becoming friends with someone, speaking negatively (...)

Multi-Colored Girl

A lot has happened since the books Created to Be His Help Meet and Preparing to Be a Help Meet were published. Created has been translated into many (...)

The Crown of Loving His Appearing

When I was young, every believer I knew was thrilled about the fact that Jesus was coming. It is true that no one knows the day or the hour (1 Thessalonians 5:2; 2 Peter 3:10) but (...)

Change is Good

No Greater Joy Ministries is on the roll, and we (Mike and Debi) are moving along with it as well as can be expected for two old fogies. Here is a list of what’s up...

Created to Be His Help Meet – 10th A...

Created to Be His Help Meet, first published 10 years ago, has sold over 500,000 copies in 12 languages. I am amazed, reading the testimonies of woman in England, India, Saudi (...)

From Behind Bars

Here is a letter from one of the inmates behind bars at the prison where Mike ministered.

The Journey to Reaching the Uttermost

Can God use a young girl to make an eternal difference? God calls us all to preach the gospel to every creature. Read how God used two young girls to be the instruments for (...)

Debi Pearl Weighs in on the IBLP Situation

Whose side are you on? On Facebook last week I read these words: “I just rejoiced to see that huge ministry fall and I helped.” I trembled as I read this.


To those who helped bring healing: For the first time in 40 years I have no pain in my neck. It is a blessed relief. Thank you, thank and THANK YOU! God has blessed your (...)

Bible Quiz (May-June 2014)

Can a young boy be used of God to do a mighty thing? Send in your answers to this Bible quiz by May 18th, 2014 and you could win a prize!

Kids’ Contest: Bible Quiz

If you are under 15 years of age then send us your answers to these questions. The first five people will win a free copy of The BIG Book of Homeschooling!

The Brilliant Idiot: A Book Review

It is important to understand that the learning deficit is not a learning disability; it is a teaching disability. Let your "brilliant idiot" learn in his or her own way.

Excerpt from the Big Book of Homeschooling

Homeschooling pioneer and veteran Debi Pearl combines her over 35 years of experience and sound wisdom with the input of other successful homeschool mothers in this must-have (...)


Gratitude bears witness to God’s greatness. It preaches him. "Therefore will I give thanks unto thee, O LORD, among the heathen, and sing praises unto thy name." - Psalm 1 (...)

Called to Go

One lady is reaching people for Christ that a missionary could never reach. She did it from her home computer while her kids took their afternoon naps. You can do this. What (...)

Then and Now: Reinforcements Coming and Yo...

There is a mighty army Being trained to stand and fight, A battlefield of soldiers Learning what is right... You are that mighty army, We've watched you being trained; You've (...)

What Would I Do Without Bobbie Sue?

Most girls diddle away what could be the most productive time of their lives, waiting for life to happen; but not all girls waste their lives.

If I Could Speak in Tongues

How shall they hear?

The Midas Touch

Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.

Around the World with the Gospel in 14 Yea...

When we published the Good and Evil illustrated Bible storybook we immediately contacted a missionary with a specialty in publishing. We asked him to find translators for (...)

A Wise, Happy Father-in-Law

Your children need “hope” possibilities.

The Roland Study

Are big folks missing the budding intellectual life of our small babies?

Trusting and Supporting Our Children’...

Training children to make wise decisions requires everything you have.

God Keeps His Promises

Israel—Such a small group of people on a tiny piece of land about the size of New Jersey—yet, such productivity. They are dwarfed by 22 hostile Arab/Islamic dictatorships 640 (...)

A Wise Woman Proverbs

A wise woman is always the lady, gracious, generous, full of gratitude and good works. Let me always be a “4-G” lady.

Artist Needed!

Update (6/18/2013) — Thanks everyone for your submissions! Debi has chosen an illustrator for her book! My new book on Homeschooling is near completion, but I need illustrations. D (...)

The Well

Training means instructing a child in how to master the issues of life.

What Is Creativity and Is It Important?

Are you homeschooling your child in a way that cultivates creativity or that stifles it?

The Power of a Box

My whole life of creativity, writing, art, homeschooling, and child training reflects those wonderful boxes of opportunity.

I tried!

We have a pile of smashing ideas, and lots of folks willing to help us see it through, and we still have plenty of time to find a good place for big families as well as (...)

Answering Homeschool Questions

For school to be successful, children must enjoy it.

Your Feedback Needed for the Jan-Feb Homes...

The Jan/Feb 2013 issue of NGJ Magazine will be dedicated to discovering what is best for homeschoolers and what is best avoided. We need to hear from you! Ask us questions (...)

It’s Time

In just a few years, the story on pages 315-318 of the Good & Evil book has been repeated in the lives of millions of people in over 40 different language groups. In America (...)

Seeing Through a Glass Darkly

Occasionally we feel led to re-run an article - this was a definite nudge. Eternity is so eternal, so terribly final, so completely forever. Death is not final. By the grace (...)

Go, and Sneer No More

How can a man truly love a woman who treats him with disdain and disapproval? The recipe for a good marriage doesn’t include a pinch of scorn.

Debi Needs Your Help!

Send in any of your good homeschooling ideas, titles of good books, educational computer games or programs children learn with, and don't forget to send us your pictures to (...)

Back in the Saddle, Again

Mike is back in the saddle — not on his tractor yet, but soon. Here he is, with his back brace off, throwing knives. He says his throwing average is higher than ever and he i (...)

My Mama Adores My Daddy

The following was written 12 years ago when Amy (Amy’s parents are on the cover) was four years old.

Count Your Blessings

God says look diligently because it takes real focus to avoid catching the flu of bitterness.

It’s the Men’s Turn!

Men, it’s your turn to speak up. Mike will not admit to needing help, but he does want input from men for his new book, In Search Of A Help Meet. We will be asking questions here o (...)

Feelin’ Fine

As you can see, Mike is just where I want him to be—writing! It is usually difficult to rope him in unless we really, really need for him to sit down and write. He would rather be (...)

A Call to Stand

Hitler’s propagandists used one of Satan’s choice tools to pull off the biggest crime toward mankind in the history of the world. They used a lie. They taught that if you tell a li (...)

It’s Time to Pray for Mike

It is time to pray for Mike. Some time ago Mike broke his lower back. It never really hurt that much, but his hip hurt, so he thought that was the problem. Over time, due to the (...)


Often we receive letters of rebuke for every conceivable perceived issue, and always from those who call themselves believers. One of today’s letters was from a husband who a (...)

Greater Expectations

Knowledge—real, firsthand knowledge that says “I know because I experienced that” —imparts power and confidence and a greater desire to learn and share.

What is this? (A Riddle)

We have a winner! To all of you who answered “sugar cane” (or similar), you were right! However, the first to answer correctly was Faith so she gets the prize!

Ghostly Visitors (A Riddle)

We have a winner! To all of you who answered "covering blueberries for a late frost" (or similar), you were right! However, the first to answer correctly was Kelly so she (...)

Hannah Bell

Congratulations to Hannah Bell from Mike and Debi, on graduating from law school. Hannah is pictured here with her dad, Bill Bell, who is on the ministry's Board of (...)

Announcing our new weekly eMag!

May 4th marks the launch of our new twice-weekly emag, Cane Creek Corner. Sent out to our email list every Tuesday and Friday, it features a special audio or video clip and a (...)

Raising the Three Types of Boys – We...

We need illustrations and questions. We are waiting on you to send in your stories.

God’s Helper… and Mine

While you are waiting, pour yourself out for Christ’s sake.

In the News

You will never know how difficult it has been on the old boy ... and he did it for you!

Knittin’ Nate

“But he is MY son, and he is knitting; who taught my son to knit?”

Be Careful Little Feet Where You Go

Nathan Pearl reflects on the impact childhood experiences have on a person's perception of right and wrong. An encouragement for parents to carefully guide the steps of their (...)

Greenhouse Woes

In late summer our greenhouse is full of dying seeds, wilted weeds and pitiful spinach. Soon we will take all our dried seed out and store for Spring, then water our permanent (...)

Meet The Staff: Lizzy

A girl of many talents and responsibilities. Packer, photographer, cook, web developer trainee, Bird’s Eye writer (bad speller) and Debi’s right hand girl. In her (...)

Old Garden

Our garden is in the last days and I know how it must feel. It still has lots of peppers, okra, and some tomatoes and beans. Soon we will mow it down, cover with manure and straw (...)

Salt: Good or Bad?

When man gets through changing salt, it is BAD. To read the rest of the story, click here: “Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost his savour, wherewith shall it b (...)

Weekly Recipe: Red Rooibos & Spice Cha...

Mike calls this tea “floor swab” because it has so many weird herbs in it. But we all agree that it is the best tea on the market—by far! METHOD: I make my tea in a French press, a (...)

Sweet Tea Versus Unsweet

I have tried to teach the office personnel how BAD sweet tea is for you. As you can see, they have a way to go before they are healthy.

Meet the Staff: The Amazing Shalom

She writes our most popular blog: She also writes the children’s section and an interesting parenting article for our bi-monthly magazine. She (...)

Bird’s Eye For Eternity

Do you blog or chat? How about offering our free NGJ Magazine to all your chat friends. Do you visit Facebook? Please make mention of the free NGJ Magazine and add our link to (...)

Emily Left

Emily has gone to college and I am sad. She is a brilliant, well-trained computer guru. She is also nice, easy-going and funny. We all will miss her smile and cheerfulness.

The Good Salt

Swelling fingers and high blood pressure meant salt was off the table. A bland menu sent Debi in search of answers. Why did God call his people “the salt of the earth” if sal (...)

Learning to Become a Multi-Colored Girl

The values of popular society are often at odds with a woman's calling to fashion herself and adapt to her husband's changing needs. A willingness to be flexible can help a (...)

How Hillbilly Can You Get?

One of our computer girls was shaving her legs down at the creek—all hillbillies do this— when along came a crawdad and bit her toe. Oh, no. She made it on the Birds Eye View.

Cane Creek Fun

Cane Creek volleyball is very serious and competitive play!

Debi’s Birthday Chickies

Remember these cute chickies, born on my birthday, May 22nd? Haven’t they grown!

Polish Couple

An amazing couple from Poland visited us a few weeks ago. We were blessed by their love for God’s teaching. He is a publisher. He told us he got a call from a Polish lady (...)

Our Favorite Coffee

We all love freshly ground coffee from Honduras. Zephyr, Nathans’s wife, got us all started. Go to:

Pineapple for Good Digestion

Bromelain is a natural digestive enzyme that comes from the humble pineapple. Our sweet cook, Lexi, put our pineapple in a bowl with tomatoes and everything got digested. Wow.

Daddy Bill Cans Tomatoes

He can hardly stand and is very forgetful, but he loves to can tomatoes. It is something he did every summer with his Honey. So just doing it again brings great joy. He washes (...)

Little John

Little John (not so little) works for Mike, building and weedeating for No Greater Joy.

Favorite Guest

This is NGJ’s guest seat with our Favorite Guest!

What’s Coming This Winter?

Mike is currently teaching through the book of Luke. One Sunday his message was so powerful that he decided to write a book along the same line. Watch for Luke on MP3 Winter 2011.

Talitha Gone

Here’s what Talitha does now that she is no longer doing the Bird’s eye!

Early Bird Volley Ball Team Practice

Wives, mothers, and teenage daughters getting exercise in the early hours of the morning. The kids are always excited to go to the volley ball court so they can play in the sand.

Spring Water Source for NGJ

This is the last step in getting our fresh drinking water. Before running through the Berkey Filter the water must first be boiled after it has come down from the spring.

Cardboard Garden

After my plants get established I mulch them with cardboard and then cover it with old hay. This type of mulching cuts out weeding and helps retain moisture. The worms love it (...)

Cane Creek Spa Day

Mud Mask for facials and lots of hair slop from the Herbal Mixes such as Beautiful Hair— Blonde, Red, Dark, etc. Makes for a relaxing day at the Creek. Buy your own Beautiful Hair (...)

Aloe Vera

This is the office window. It’s our medicine cabinet—full of  Aloe Vera that we all use during the Summer months.

Lamb’s Quarter

Lamb’s Quarter is a wild herb that grows 6′ tall. It tastes like spinach, and is very nutritious. You should try it sometime!

Travel Mug

Cane Creek’s official travel mug, on sale at your local thrift store.

The Power of a Story

Shalom Brand uses a story from her own childhood to help reinforce a lesson about deception for her daughter. See how the mystery of the red blanket was solved and how a (...)

Go Love Yourself?

Mike and Debi offer advice to a husband planning to walk away from a miserable marriage lacking trust and intimacy. Can such a union be restored? Recommended resources are (...)

Driveway Drama

Everyone here at NGJ is trying to keep from twisting their ankles on Mike’s newest load of treacherous loose driveway gravel.

Birthday Surprise

Birthday Surprise for Mama Pearl’s big 60th birthday. I went to collect eggs, and what did I hear? A chorus of baby chickens chirping in my ear! Five eggs hatched, Mama Hen is d (...)

Camera Girl

NGJ’s camera girl, Lizzy, runs around whenever there is something happening. Lizzy is sure to be there, snapping photos! In her spare time she does her own personal blog: w (...)

Costco—Cane Creek Style, That is!

“Costco”—Cane Creek style! Fresh, Organic Vegetables for every lunch here at No Greater Joy during the summertime.

Mama Pearl’s Herb Garden is the Kids...

The Schnell family has been visiting Cane Creek. Their kids enjoy catching frogs in Mama Pearl’s herb pond. Hey Kids, check out these other frog adventures.

Meet the Staff: Benjamin

Benjamin is hard at work creating the cartoon art for the upcoming Men’s book, Created to Need a Help Meet.

Sunday Baptism

The Schnell family—Missionaries to Cambodia—are home on furlough. While their daughters were at camp this past Spring they both got saved. Last week they got baptized in Cane Cre (...)

Scooby Doo

Scooby Doo is scaring my chickens out of the vegetable garden. Mother Earth Magazine had a letter from a lady who used old VHS tape as fencing. The shiny ribbon keeps the chickens (...)

Office Crunch Time

Its crunch time here at NGJ as everyone is working hard to meet the deadline for getting the Magazine sent out. Lynne, our graphic designer, is heading up the project by making (...)

Missionary in Need

Mike Richardson is a faithful man ministering in Mexico. He has been burdened to pray for the President of a large crime-ridden city in Mexico. This past week, Mike Richardson (...)

Bell Peppers

Years ago my granddad struck a whole paper match book and then planted the burned out book with his Bell Peppers. He said it helped the peppers because they needed the sulphur in (...)

Alabama Disaster Relief Update

Last night Shalom called from Tuscaloosa, AL. She and Zephyr fed over 2,000 people yesterday, cooking on just one grill! People kept coming...

Alabama Disaster Relief

Nathan Pearl and crew are in Alabama with a load of supplies and laborers. They are the first wave that we will be sending down to help those in need. We contacted a retired (...)

Farmer Johnny

Here is Farmer Johnny, “hard at work”; waiting for the phone to ring and dreaming of being outside.


Shalom’s husband, Justin, builds customized motorcycles. In his spare time he built his kids a neat little go-kart. This photo is of his daughters, Gracie and Laila, out for a joy (...)


This Sunday our church and many others will be sharing in the Lord’s Supper (1 Corinthians 11). Each spring the dogwood reminds us of the crucifixion.

Rising to the Challenge

A mother of three asks advice after her husband tells her to put the children in public school and begin studying for a degree. Debi offers advice on how to look on a (...)


Men are a different sort of people that are very hard for us more emotionally-balanced females to understand. To prove this statement I would like to bring to your attention (...)

Introducing a Powerful New Children’...

Of the reported sexual assaults on children, 90 percent are done by friends or family, and most violations never come to light. Predators are aware that parents are naïve.

I Dreamed a Dream

And you know what? God was listening and enjoying our dreams. He wanted to bless our hope. He only needed us to mature enough to realize that he didn’t need a lottery or a s (...)

Cloistered Fruit

What, then, can a woman in this situation do to restore her marriage and win her husband’s heart? Become lovely and useful. Men are interested in more than physical i (...)

Poor Miss Loveless & Her Sister

Can a saved parent hold a grown child back from having a life that God would freely give? What does the Bible say?

Obeying God’s Command

It will never say, I can’t go, Lord, I don’t know the language, it would cost too much, my family could not hold up, I don’t have a gift for speaking...It is the perfect missi (...)

Preparing to Be a Help Meet—NEW BOOK!

Being a good help meet starts long before marriage. It is a mindset, a learned habit, a way of life established as a young unmarried girl—or at least that’s the way it should (...)

The King’s Chair

Most libraries have storage rooms where they sell old magazines for a few cents each. About 35 years ago, all I had was a few cents, so I wandered into the library’s old m (...)

Listen to My Dream

One day last fall a young boy was milling around in my office when he located one of the few remaining copies of Listen To My Dream and asked, “What’s this little book abo (...)

Unbinding Foolishness

Children are not all necessarily rebellious, loud, selfish, mean, aggressive, bossy, whiny, or moody. But all children have foolishness bound in their hearts, and they all (...)

The Vision, Chapter 1

6 A.M., Seattle, February 11 Asher Joel felt strangely detached, staring at the thick, gray morning fog cloaking the world beyond the diner’s window.

Need a Spouse…ANYONE?

Love, marriage and the baby carriage make life so sweet. Wise up, you brothers. A bunch of good sisters are sitting at home somewhere waiting....and waiting....and waiting.

Untold Millions Are Now Being Told

Steve and other missionaries now have a tool that the people hungrily read, re-read, discuss, and ask questions about, and then they turn to the Bible itself to verify the (...)

Learn and Live Well

The key to a good garden is not harder work, but smarter planning. Last year, I had a vegetable garden...picked bushels of food and NEVER weeded. Yes, it took a little (...)

Gypsy Soup

Perhaps you have heard of the famous old legend called Stone Soup. Different countries have published various versions of the story, but the essence of the old legend remains (...)

A Promise

Little Molly and her Mommy were filled with anticipation of Grandma’s visit this afternoon.

Cloistered Homeschool Syndrome

The Foger family came to stay with us one spring about 12 years ago while they were on furlough from Mozambique.

Little Men

You want him to be a part of your team but you do not want to be part of his.

Peace and Safety

Did you read this week about the recently released convict who broke into your next-door neighbor’s house? The intruder told the police he thought the house was empty (...)


How do you train your children to talk one at a time when they all want your attention at once?

Jungle Juice

For the sake of his ministry, I knew Mike needed to think clearly and stay healthy. I began working on a liquid herbal formula that would supply the minerals and vitamins he (...)

The Fireman

When my son was three years old, I longed for him to have inspiring summer afternoons playing outside like I did when I was a child. One hot, sultry afternoon at nap time, I (...)

If I Had Cancer

Everyone living today is a potential victim of cancer. It consumes the wealthy, the weak, the health food guru, the young nursing mom, and even children. It affects almost (...)


Do you remember the old Etch-a-Sketch toys, where you turned the two dials to draw lines and designs on the screen? Rebekah brought it to me to show that she had written her (...)

Big Foot

Do you have swollen feet? It is not only uncomfortable; it can also be a threat to your health.

Show Me: Gratefulness

Have you ever given a gift to a young teen and watched her face draw up with an expression that was half irritation and half mockery, vividly showing her disdain for your (...)

Cinnamon & Spice and Everything Nice

Cinnamon & Spice and Everything Nice

All You Need Is Love

Our granddaughter Gracie is now 16 months of age and a delightful buzzsaw of activity.

This is Your Box

You Can Play With This

A Good Pair of Glasses

Women view life through glasses that see everything in terms of feelings, while men view life through glasses that sometimes seem to be without any feelings at all—just plain (...)

When the Rubber Missed the Road

Sometimes unexpected events make you step up to the plate and test you on things you thought you knew.

Miracle Herbal Rub

There are muscle rubs, and again, there are muscle rubs.

The Folks in England Are Talking About Us

The good folks from The Old School House magazine planned a speaking tour to England this spring...

Tomato-Head Kids

It is easy to recognize when a child has had significant interaction with his parents. His eyes are bright and alive with the pleasure of everything happening around him.

The Greatest of These is Example

When you train a boy to use a hammer, when he is old he will know how to use a hammer.

Dealing with Slick Liars

What do you do when you learn that one of your sweet little ones is an outright liar?

Our Own Set of Possessed Damsels

For the last year or so, we have had a group of about eight working overtime trying to disrupt our ministry.

Ministry to Military Families

Stand with us in our new ministry towards the families whose fathers are serving overseas.

Created to Be His Help Meet

Get a first look at Debi's new book for women. Read excerpts that address issues ranging from the power of a smile to how to understand your man.

Ladies wear white socks

The lady who smiled at her children, and the woman who showed honor to her husband, the hard-working church helper, those I held up as examples to be my girls (...)

Poor little fat girl

Life has enough temptations and challenges without creating another one. Being fat is a battle that need never be fought. Your baby deserves to be spared that battle.

Men Will Be Boys

What do Michael and Debi do all day?

Jealous of Daddy

Dear Pearls, My second son has always been a tender, loving child who really loves his mama. Lately he has almost been what appears to be jealous of his daddy’s affection t (...)

The Vinegar of the Four Thieves

Lately, with all these awful threats of plagues in the news, I have been spending my free time reading medical reports and ancient history books that discuss the times of the (...)

Church Youth Group

Dear Pearls, We homeschool our three children. Now that the oldest one has turned 13, we feel under some pressure for him to participate with the church youth and their (...)

Learning Our Place as Wives

How can a wife “encourage” her husband to participate with family/children without being a nag? Things like having the husband help tuck the kids in at night without having to (...)

Arranged Marriage

Dear Mike and Deb, My sister went through the courtship thing and married in complete harmony with Dad and Mom, etc. and she really believes she married the man whom God (...)

Other Children Changing Your Child’s...

...Did you ever experience this as you raised your children around other families? I feel sort of hopeless, that I will never find friends who hold the same conservative (...)

Spanking a 7-Month-Old?

...Is it right to spank a 7-month-old for crying when put down for bed? I grew up with just ignoring the child, thus training them that they will not get their way. My (...)

Different Techniques to Control Parents

...Children (as well as adults) throw fits as a means of controlling the actions of others. Your daughter screams and runs away because it works in reducing the pain...

William the Conqueror

I am always observing the few families I know who will not be offended if I write whatever I want about their children. It takes a lot of confidence, or humility, to have (...)

AUTISM Answered

This past year we have been getting a significant increase in the number of letters that deal with health and health-related behavioral problems.

What is That Fragrance?

Have you ever walked down a country lane in the springtime and suddenly became aware of the most delicious aroma? At first, the odor carried on the gentle breeze is so faint (...)

God Did It Again!

Today Shalom and I canned green beans and potatoes. I can’t express to you how fun it was. Last year it was work, just a matter of doing a job that needed doing.

Eating Ants

Most parents are too uptight. At least half the joy of life is raising kids. So when Big Papa found that one of our Russian boys had returned the jar of honey to the cabinet (...)

A Wise, Older Couple is Troubled at What T...

Dear Pearls, We recently visited a family who follow your teachings to a "T." The children are very well behaved. But I wondered if you’ve ever had anyone overdo it?

The Jezebel Profile

When the name Jezebel comes to mind, most of us see the painted face of a seductively dressed woman gazing into the eyes of a man who lacks good sense. The Bible portrays (...)

The Loving Investment

I must confess that I hate to tell my granddaughter, Laura Rose, no. It is even more difficult to spat her little hand or leg on the rare occasions when she needs it. But (...)

Mama’s Excuses

“My little man missed his nap today and that is the reason he slapped your Johnny. When your Johnny started screaming that he was hurt, it upset my boy so badly that he threw (...)

Soy Alert

This past month a dear friend of mine called with the disturbing news that she had estrogen receptive breast cancer. She asked, “What do you know that could help (...)

Herbs: Spiced for Life

Some of the most important herbs are also spices. Ginger, cinnamon, turmeric, and clove are four popular culinary spices that are also highly regarded in the herbal field.

Nip It in the Bud

I watched as a mischievous 3-year-old tried to get some attention from the stranger talking to his daddy. He stood between them, throwing his smile up to this new and (...)

Do You Believe in Birth Control?

Dear Pearls, I have had 4 babies in the last 2 years. I already had 4 other young children. My husband does not share my conviction on trusting God in the area of how many (...)

Parents Get Blasted By Older Children

What is it that makes some families prosper in the Lord and others crumble when their children get older?

A Wise Woman Builds Her House

A wise woman doesn't take anything for granted. She is thankful to be loved and seeks to make herself more lovely.

Questions a Wife Can Ask to Tear Her House...

Proverbs 14:1 "Every wise woman buildeth her house; but the foolish plucketh it down with her hands."

Lady With a Lot of Questions

Lady With A Lot of Questions


(from "Lady With a Lot of Questions" article, Nov/Dec. 2000)

Discussing Reproduction

(From "Lady With a Lot of Questions" article, Nov/Dec. 2000)

Abusive Husband

I want you to read what I must read all too often.

My Two Cents

At least 3 people a day write and ask me what my views are on breast feeding.

Stinging Nettles

I remember as a child, one night I was chasing lightning bugs and discovered Stinging Nettles.


Two years ago, in the early Spring, we were up north near Chicago doing several seminars. As we traveled through the countryside to our next Seminar, I was overwhelmed by the (...)

Corny, Ten Different Ways

When we moved to Cane Creek 11 years ago we went from the haves to the havenots. We weren’t exactly affluent but we had what we wanted when we wanted. Moving here changed all (...)

What Curriculum Do You Recommend?

..Remember, God did not make classroom education. It is the invention of humanists seeking to usurp parental authority. Why recapture your rights and duty only to adopt their (...)

…And Raymond begat Jubal, and Jubal ...

About one year ago I stopped over at Jubal’s house to pick up something.

Barbie Dolls or Baby Dolls?

Many parents have expressed concern over Barbie-like dolls.

Tying Strings and Bows

Over the years, families develop patterns or habits. We were no exception.

A Whole Boy

As I look at the woman sitting opposite me, the twisting of her hands, the set of her shoulders, and the stress on her face tells me she is willing to do anything I suggest.


Your children from birth are empty vessels prone to an animal’s existence of eating, drinking, demanding, commanding, taking and using.


I often ask myself, “Have they chosen to be bound?” Though I know in my heart, no one, not even the insane, chooses to be bound.

Sock It To Me or Warm Smelly Socks

Sock It To Me or Warm Smelly Socks


I don’t have much time for the herb garden these days—too busy writing this article.

Aloe Vera

Aloe is a medicine cabinet in disguise.

Broken Insides

As we piled out of the car and started unloading, there was a certain air of quiet foreboding over the place…


Almost every family uses the herb Peppermint simply because it tastes good. Most people would assume, anything that tastes that good couldn’t be something that heals (...)

True Confessions of a Bed-Wetter

Many of you have written us about the problem of your older children wetting their beds. Through our extensive social outreach we have persuaded one of these tormented souls (...)

To Train Up a Child

Excerpt from the book "To Train Up A Child", by Michael and Debi Pearl.


Homeschoolers are not as likely as are public school children to get lice; but if your children ever rub shoulders with public school children, chances are you will one day (...)

What Curriculum Do You Recommend for My 6-...

"What curriculum do you recommend for my six-year-old just starting school?"

Herbs—Bladder Infection

It had been 12 years since I had a bladder infection, but some things are hard to forget.

Handling Sibling Aggression

A reader asks, “How do you handle sibling aggression, fighting over toys, etc.? How do they learn to handle situations and not run to mama? How does mama learn not to i (...)


If I had to choose just one herb to send with Rebekah to the jungles of P.N.G., I would without question send garlic.


There are two kinds of Chamomile, German and Roman, and they both make the most comforting tea you could ever hope to drink.

Potty Training Answered

In our book, To Train Up A Child, the chapter that has produced the most inquires is the one on potty training infants.


The key to being able to use herbs effectively is keeping it simple.

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