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It's Worth It

June 13, 2023

I monitor the Helmeet site on Facebook, so I read many stories from women who were sexually or physically abused in their youth. It is part of my history as well. I could have written, “I, too, am a victim of abuse,” but instead I want to say, “I am victorious over what is in my past.” If I could, I would wave a magic wand and bring healing to all who have gone through abuse, but the magic has to come from your choosing God’s healing for yourself. Your decision to stop the stinking thinking and embrace God’s cleansing healing will set you free.

If we let the sexual or physical abuse in our past cripple us, it can ruin our relationships. To acknowledge you were a victim is okay. But your abusers win when you continue to stay in that place and don’t seek God for healing that only he can give. Don’t push your husband away sexually; he is not the one who hurt you.
God is JUST, and I know that God will be my avenger. However, honestly, knowing that the people who hurt me are offered the same gift of mercy I received wasn’t always easy, but I'm truly thankful that Jesus came to save us all.

God is comforting. God can change the heart and actions of the wretched, so I do not allow my past to dictate my future! God made me a new creature and I use the past to help others know we can be free from the chains of darkness that once bound us. I am a survivor because I let God SAVE ME. I do have PTSD, so I find different ways to enjoy intimacy with my husband that don’t remind me of my past, because my relationship is something worth living for. My husband is worth this effort.

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