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Open Doors

June 13, 2023

One of the most satisfying experiences in life is being able to minister to others. This looks different for everyone, and it will change as your life seasons change.
I recently had the privilege to become part of a team that ministers to the local recovery men and women, and that has evolved into being able to take God’s Word to the female inmates in our local county jail on Mondays with one of the recovery facilitators, Mrs. Sarah.
Growing up in a missionary/pastor’s home, my parents and the whole family had many varying ministries throughout the years. I was a part of many of those, but when Mrs. Sarah asked if I would be interested in going along with her to the jail, I was intrigued, but beyond nervous! This felt way out of my comfort zone, since I usually had a parent or sibling along when ministering opportunities came up. But I said yes.
I will never forget that first Monday, walking into the jail’s meeting room. Mrs. Sarah and I were getting set up, when the door opened and there stood a line of women all dressed in orange. The reality of “I’m in jail” hit. It was not the fact that we pulled into the jail and you could see the barbed-wire yard and the armed deputies, or even having to get buzzed in. It was seeing the girls lined up with messy hair, jail shoes, and all that orange. I will be honest: I have never given much thought to people in jail. But as I sat there elbow to elbow with the girls as they listened to what Mrs. Sarah was sharing, I began to realize they may be the people we tend to forget about, but they are the ones that God longs and yearns to have. And what an honor and privilege to have a small part in being able to minister to these women!
Recently, the girls have talked about the daily devotions they have started up and how they get together and open God’s Word and pray for one another and their families. When they are struggling throughout the week, they are able to find comfort in God’s words. That is what makes it all worthwhile. Many of them may never understand and believe the gospel, but the ones that do make those hours of time worth every second.
I still attend the recovery meetings, listening to the men and women as they talk about their addictions and where their lives were; but then they begin to give honor and glory to God, that through Christ their lives have completely turned around. I have come to think of them as some of the strongest people I know. They have hit bottom and made it because of Christ. If that doesn’t make you rejoice and jump up giving glory to God, I don't think anything can.
It is amazing to watch as God opens doors. Many times I have prayed and waited for God to “open a door”, without realizing he has already opened one; he was simply waiting for me to walk through it. Your ministry may not be in recovery or jail ministries, but I urge you to find someone you are able to minister to and watch God work in those lives, and then rejoice with them as their lives are drastically changed through Christ. There is nothing like it.