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Joe Courage Corner

December 15, 2003

Every night before Joe Courage goes to bed, he and his Daddy go outside to look at the stars. We are twenty miles from town, and there are very few lights to dim the brilliance of the night sky.
Joe can point out the Seven Sisters (Pleiades,) Mars, the Milky Way, and a few other obvious markers in the sky. He knows that God made the stars for light in the night, and the Sun for light during the day. This little trip outside each night takes less than three minutes and soon Joe is being tucked into bed for prayer and a good night kiss.
Some folks may wonder what use there is in knowing the names of constellations and stars when you’re only two years old. The obvious use is that it impresses the big people. The not-so-obvious use is the fact that when Joe goes to bed at night, he feels like he’s on the inside track of knowledge. None of his friends (big or little) can point out as many constellations as he can. This assurance that he is smart has provoked Joe to question me continually throughout the day. He is consciously adding to his experience and knowledge. Sure, he’s a little over-confident; but life stands ready and willing to beat the arrogance out of him in time. Meanwhile, his Daddy and I are preparing him to weather that beating with a fortress of knowledge and emotional competence.
Joseph Courage is the first grandchild of Michael and Debi Pearl. This article was written by his mama, Rebekah Joy Anast.
Rebekah Anast

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