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Letter Archives

No Greater Joy answers scores of letters every day. You can now read selected letters daily and the Pearls’ response. Each letter has been edited to protect the identity of those involved.

The Pearls also cover a myriad of situations in the Articles section. The Bible says, "Seek and ye shall find" (Matt. 7:7). We pray that as you read through the articles, you will find your answers.

Mike and Debi are frequently engaged in writing books or articles and may not be able to respond directly to all the questions and letters submitted. The NGJ Staff will do their best to fill in where possible.

Married Men and Damsels in Distress

There is a woman that my husband knows from a local business that we frequent. We would chat with her while we were (...)


My eldest child is almost 14 years old. He is homeschooled, has never been to school. We live on an acreage, and he spends a (...)


Last September my husband and I found out we were expecting our first baby. We (especially me) were so excited. We had tried (...)

Daughter Finds Dad's Porn

I have a question about what to do after finding pornographic videos on our home computer.


I read To Train Up a Child when my oldest daughter was one. Now she is three. To most (who haven't read the book) she is a (...)

Salvation in the Old Testament and during...

How were people saved in the Old Testament? More specifically, how were people saved from say Adam to the giving of the (...)

Lying Pantry Thieves

Hello, we have put many of your child training techniques to work, but recently we have run into a snag. Four of our (...)

Eat Mud

My wife has read your help meet book and we have listened to your DVD. However I still find it hard to fall deeper in (...)

Emotionally Disturbed

We have adopted children. My older two are siblings and were adopted at the ages of seven and five. Their early years (...)

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