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Bible Quiz Winners for May-June 2014

Congratulations to the Bible Quiz winners for the May/June NGJ Magazine! Click to view the names of the winners.

Congratulations March-April Contest Winners!

Congratulations to our March-April Bible Quiz contest winners: Johanna Henderson (OH), Peter Osborn (TN), Chloe and Lynn Snyder (TN), Martha (...)

Homeschooling News, May-June 2014

Interview with a young boy in the community who is a missionary to the United Arab Emirates! Yes, he lives right here in Cane Creek but is (...)

Bible Quiz (May-June 2014)

Can a young boy be used of God to do a mighty thing? Send in your answers to this Bible quiz by May 18th, 2014 and you could win a prize!

Homeschooling News, March-April 2014

What is the world's biggest seed? How about the smallest seed? How are diamonds formed?

Kids’ Contest: Bible Quiz

If you are under 15 years of age then send us your answers to these questions. The first five people will win a free copy of The BIG Book of (...)

NGJ Kids: See a Need, Fill a Need

Do you ever look around and see a need that you can fill? No matter how small you are or how little your gift, God can multiply your gift to (...)

Kids' Corn Contest Time!

Kids: Send us your best corn recipe and a picture with you holding it. We will judge the recipe and the picture!

NGJ Kids: May-June 2013 Build A Shelter...

Winner! Sharon RosaLee Tate, Age 11 First, I got sticks and vines.  Second of all,  I located 2 trees close together.  I tied a stick on the trees wit (...)