“I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth” (3 John 1:4).

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November-December 2020

Volume 26, Number 6

Table of Contents

How to Instill the Joy of Giving in our Children

Wanda Kinsinger

When our oldest was seven and our youngest was four, I started a new tradition for our family Christmas—a tradition of giving. It can be difficult for youngsters to realize that Christmas is about more than getting gifts. Their little …

December 2020 Calendar

Debi Pearl

The Brain Changer Game Landon has always had a lack of willingness to communicate. At the ripe age of 5 he had developed the habit of seldom looking anyone in the eye. He also never responded when spoken to and …

To Submit or Not To Submit

Karen Sargent

I am a word nerd, a lover of all things grammar and punctuation and usage and writing. I love reading and thinking about how something could have been written more clearly and concisely. I love finding errors in books and …

Landon is Learning to Create a Beautiful Brain

No Greater Joy Ministries

My kids are famous for being screamers. I mean the LOUD, embarrassing, over-the-top, uncontrollable shrieks. They were quick to anger and always shut down when we tried to train. Four kids under four is not easy. I did not come …

The Biblical Role of Husband and Wife

Debi Pearl

The biblical roles of a husband and wife are according to God in agreement with nature. Biblical truth is never adverse to nature. God created us and everything else. He never commands us to act in ways that are contrary …

How to Find Your Soul Mate

Karen Sargent

Have you ever heard the term “soul mate”? People use it to describe the love of their life, their favorite person to be with, the one they long to spend time with and do life with. It conjures images of …

It is Your Life!

No Greater Joy Ministries

Story One A while back, my youngest daughter was in an exclusive restaurant with a large group of business associates when she became aware of an unnatural stillness, broken only by an occasional whisper. Her antennae came up in alarm, …

Writing Contest WINNERS – Part 2

No Greater Joy Ministries

Here is the second set of winners for the writing contest! Thank you to all who participated! The Lion Within By Natalie J., age 14 In a land of rolling green hills and wildflowers, of thundering waterfalls and deep blue …

November 2020 Calendar

Debi Pearl

Amazing Junk Food You can have amazingly healthy food that costs you NOTHING. Here’s how: You will need 2 storage bowls that you keep in the fridge. Bowl 1: In Bowl ONE, save all your leftover veggies. For instance, if …

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