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November-December 2020

Table of Contents

December 2020 Calendar

The Brain Changer Game Landon has always had a lack of willingness to communicate. At the ripe age of 5 he had (...)

How to Find Your Soul Mate

Have you ever heard the term “soul mate”? People use it to describe the love of their life, their favorite person to be (...)

How to Instill the Joy of Giving in our...

When our oldest was seven and our youngest was four, I started a new tradition for our family Christmas—a tradition of g (...)

It is Your Life!

Story One A while back, my youngest daughter was in an exclusive restaurant with a large group of business associates (...)

Landon is Learning to Create a Beautiful...

My kids are famous for being screamers. I mean the LOUD, embarrassing, over-the-top, uncontrollable shrieks. They were (...)

November 2020 Calendar

Amazing Junk Food You can have amazingly healthy food that costs you NOTHING. Here’s how: You will need 2 storage bowls (...)

The Biblical Role of Husband and Wife

The biblical roles of a husband and wife are according to God in agreement with nature. Biblical truth is never adverse (...)

To Submit or Not To Submit

I am a word nerd, a lover of all things grammar and punctuation and usage and writing. I love reading and thinking (...)

Writing Contest WINNERS - Part 2

Here is the second set of winners for the writing contest! Thank you to all who participated! The Lion Within By (...)

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  1. I am looking for the story about the teacher that administered the test to the students and she was told that a couple were exceptionally smart (not true) but in the end the test was on her. Please help. I have looked but cannot find it. Thank you so much! Is there an easier way to search that just scrolling all the articles?

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