Abusive Husband

I want you to read what I must read all too often. "Hi, I've been reading your material for years and respect your insight on child rearing. It has helped me immensely! I have a friend that is married to a verbally abusive husband. Most of your material is geared to married Christians. This friend of mine is saved, but her husband is not. They have a seven-year-old daughter that is a confused, emotional wreck already. Her husband has had multiple affairs with other women. He uses their daughter to manipulate situations and hurt her mother. Whatever training the mother… Read More
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Better Late Than Never

Debi Pearl and Friends

When my husband left me I was shocked, hurt, and humiliated. Now that the years have passed, I can be honest and say that the humiliation was by far the worst of my pain. I simply assumed he couldn’t live … Read more

December 2017
Marriage Good Will

Marriage Good Will

Michael Pearl and Debi Pearl

Dr. John Gottman’s findings are amazingly consistent with biblical truth. We have said before that a good marriage is one that is filled with good will.

February 2016
Divorce and Remarriage

Divorce and Remarriage

Michael Pearl

Historically, Christians have been divided on this issue. This couple will be happy to learn I have a new book coming out, The Bible on Divorce and Remarriage.

August 2015
Man sitting alone on a bench

Go Love Yourself?

Michael Pearl and Debi Pearl

Mike and Debi offer advice to a husband planning to walk away from a miserable marriage lacking trust and intimacy. Can such a union be restored? Recommended resources are available for a husband at the end of his rope.

June 2011

Abusive Husband

Debi Pearl

I want you to read what I must read all too often.

August 1999

Broken Circles

Michael Pearl

The names and some details have been changed to protect the guilty, but the events are true.

March 1998