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Articles on Toddlers

Squashing Bad Habits

It’s been several months now and our baby girl is one happy eater. Because of that, she has one happy mama and a happy daddy, too. Who wants to eat a meal with a whiny, p (...)

Baby Potty Training

First, you must let go of everything you have been led to believe about potty training. Stop using all the standard excuses: "Well, I just don't have time. It is too hard. I (...)


I don’t know what to do except to be consistent and pray for help.

Learning With a Purpose

I am a young mother and just beginning my homeschooling years. I am learning as I go along. Every day has new challenges. I have been working with Gracie, my oldest child who (...)


How do you train your children to talk one at a time when they all want your attention at once?

The Fireman

When my son was three years old, I longed for him to have inspiring summer afternoons playing outside like I did when I was a child. One hot, sultry afternoon at nap time, I (...)

Bad Days?

"Do I ever have a day where everything goes wrong and the children will not stop crying?" I sure do.

Show Me: Gratefulness

Have you ever given a gift to a young teen and watched her face draw up with an expression that was half irritation and half mockery, vividly showing her disdain for your (...)

What Are We Going to Do?

I remember so clearly how it used to be: “What are we going to do, Daddy?” Now it is: “What are we going to do, Big Papa?”

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