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Two Fathers

September 15, 1995

Once there were two fathers
In houses side by side.
Each had a little boy
The apple of his eye.
One raised his son in love and care
And made him to obey.”
He taught him from the Bible,
And each night they knelt to pray.
The other father loved his son
But had no time to spare.
And so he left his little boy
In some one else’s care.
Then when each boy became a man,
All who saw him did know,
One was raised with father’s care,
But the other grew alone.
The one became a drunkard.
He cheated and he lied.
And the other that honored God
Met an accident and died.
And so the godly father grieved,
His beloved son was gone.
And yet I wonder, of the two,
Which father lost his son?

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One comment on “Two Fathers”

  1. Rebekah, it has really blessed me to see you use your God-given talents in service to the Lord. 🙂 I am an artist as well, but I frequently feel pressured to use my talent in some worldly fashion to garner respect or even possibly earn an income. You inspire me to be led by the Spirit and not the flesh; and to remember it’s only the works which remain after the “straw” is burned up that count. I believe you are around my age (mid 30’s?) and judging by the entry date of this poem, you were in your teens when you wrote it. WOW. God bless you and yours, and know that all the time and effort you put into your musical and verbal creations for the Lord counts eternally and is never, never a waste! PS… my 4 kids LOVE your “From the End of the Earth” CD.