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When You Are in Eureka Springs, Arkansas...

April 15, 2001

Dear Mike and Debi,
We recently took a vacation to celebrate our anniversary. We decided to go to Eureka Springs, AR. While there, we happened upon a restaurant called CC Cinnamon. As we were waiting in line, a young man about 12 years old came up to us and asked if he could help us get our order. He was very polite, stood at complete attention—eye contact, responsive. I knew by the picture on the wall that this young man was the son of the owner. When we arrived at the counter there was another face from the picture—a polite young lady.

My husband and I noticed how well they got along. They were helpful to each other and spoke kindly to the other. No eye rolling—none of that “it’s not MY job.” I commented to the owner on the behavior of his children, and he pointed me to your book To Train Up A Child. He said for me to look it over while we ate, and if I liked it I could buy it. He attributed his children’s behavior to God first, and second to the knowledge he gained from your book. I bought all 3 of your books. Your books make complete sense to me.

My son was born mad. He screamed all the time. At 6 months old he would crawl to the door and beat his head against the wall because he was mad that his daddy left to go to work. I tried all the different things the many other books said to do. Nothing worked. I have much tying strings to do with him. My daughter was born pleasant, but the sudden outbursts of “NO I will not!” shocked us.

Our marriage has been rocky. I manipulated my husband through my tears and fits. Praise God; I know damage is done, but God is working on us. God will prevail. I have cried and prayed through this whole letter. Even as I wrote, I had lights go on in my head. I have a new, clearer plan for myself as a mother and wife.

V. M.

Dear Reader,

This was only a short part of her letter. I was impressed as I read the letter that this family had a great need and it was through the obedience of a 12-year-old boy that they discovered truth. This mother has a learning, open heart, ready to seek the Lord. She only needed someone to show the way. The obedience of this boy most likely saved this marriage and will impact these children all their lives. People often write and ask us how they can tell other people without causing offense. Smile and smile some more. Be enthusiastic and thrilled at your product. People are angered by sober critics, not by overly enthusiastic salesmen. If you have GOOD NEWS— share it with everyone. If some do get mad, you will know you were right in your evaluation of their need.

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