Our fiscal year at No Greater Joy Ministries (NGJ) ended in June. Our total income for the year was $1,853,159, unaudited. $482,635 of that total were contributions, with the balance being sales, royalties and interest income. Our annual independent CPA firm audit is in progress.

NGJ facilitated additional ministry and printing that is not reflected in our income stream. We coordinated and organized the printing and distribution of Good and Evil through other non-profit organizations. For example, we recently provided files and arranged a color printing for the Russian Language Good and Evil. The funding came through www.ByelorussianMission.org. We also provided support for several Chinese printings of Good and Evil that were funded outside of our ministry. We thank God for the opportunity to be in a position to aid other ministries as they reach out to a world yet to hear the good news of Christ.

Our goal is to evangelize and minister to as many people in as many countries as we can, which we are doing on a daily basis. Every available dollar we receive goes to ministry once our overhead is accounted for. All designated donations go 100% to the specified area—no overhead is taken from this. Our staff and expenses are lean compared to other ministries of our size, and larger ones, as well. We have near record income with less staff than we did just three years ago, so we operated at peak efficiency.

Our income was over 3% higher than our previous year, which translates into more ministry. We praise the Lord for the increase in this tough economy. We appreciate your strong support of our ministry through your sacrificial giving and purchases of our products.

Chuck Joyner and I spent the last few days of our fiscal year at the International Christian Retail Show in St. Louis. This show was extremely successful for us, providing a 70% increase over the previous year’s sales. The previous year we sold over double our total the year before, so we are on a good roll, and have been successful in reaching the Christian bookstore marketplace. Our numbers are even more encouraging considering that the show had scaled back and attendance was down from previous years.

The first day of the show was only open to international attendees. There our concentration was not only sales, but securing international rights and licensing agreements. The remaining three days were open to domestic and international buyers. We had at least a dozen serious inquiries about licensing Good and Evil throughout the world. Since this is such a specialized area, we have retained Cindy Riggins, a recognized rights expert (www.rigginsrights.com). Cindy served as the International Rights Director at Thomas Nelson Publishing for ten years and has 17 years overall international rights management experience.

We have had Amazon Top 100 rankings a total of seven times and have two books listed as “Amazon Bestsellers.” Amazon has over 7.8 million titles on its site, so to reach the Top 100, even just once, is a phenomenal accomplishment.

Because of these staggering statistics, we have also retained the services of outside contractors to handle our social network presence, our search engine marketing (SEO), and to create and maintain multiple blogs on the Internet. SEO, social networking and continuous blogging all help raise our Internet presence, which has resulted, and will continue to result, in reaching more people with the message of Christ, as well as added income. We are also producing more YouTube videos than ever, and offering podcasts on a regular basis.

We will be utilizing a Print On Demand (POD) source for the black and white Good and Evil Bible Storybook in foreign languages. Before the end of the year we expect to have available all 30-plus languages on a POD process, so if someone wants three copies of Simplified Chinese, we can order it and have it shipped door to door within 2 business days.

We also will be expanding into the full gamut of e-publishing by offering the black and white Good and Evil in all of the completed languages through a large number of retail and wholesale outlets, including the iPhone, iPad, Kindle, Sony Reader and over 50 other outlets. Our other titles will also be available through this process.

We again thank you for supporting No Greater Joy, and may the Lord bless all of your endeavors.

—Mel Cohen, RFC, CFP, General Manager