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September-October 2018

Table of Contents

A Wise, Happy Father-in-Law

Your children need “hope” possibilities.

Aprender a elegir sabiamente

La semana pasada yo conducía a casa con mis hijos Jeremiah y Penélope en el asiento trasero después de haber salido de l (...)

Believe I Can

I felt a lump in my throat as I watched my 8-year-old son slowly stand up. Holding his Bible, he looked at the (...)

Depression Grooving Research

Science has proven that there is no such thing as “can’t help it.” Mike and I knew all through these 50 years of co (...)

From Mr. Steady's Wife

I am married to a Mr. Steady. He is sweet, loving, patient, and good to me. Is there such a thing as Mrs. Command (...)

Learn to Choose Wisely

My goal is to train my children to perceive the value of wise choices.

Little Mikey Makes a Wise Choice

Little Mikey told his friends that what they were doing might be fun, but was wrong, and he hurried home. Mike (...)

Psalm 107 to Heal Depression

The painting you see above was painted when I was about 20 years old, when I came to see that God was dwelling in (...)

Reaching the Heart

Providing a sanctified environment is not enough.

Sample Chapter from Mike's New Book

When I was a young man sixty years ago, we knew from the plain sense of Scripture that there was an indeterminate (...)

The Roland Study

Are big folks missing the budding intellectual life of our small babies?

Trusting and Supporting Our Children's...

Training children to make wise decisions requires everything you have.

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