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BKE - Created To Be His Help Meet - 10th Anniv Edition

Created to Be His Help Meet

10th Anniversary Edition
by Debi Pearl
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Life changing Review by Kimmykk
I started a women’s group at church, thinking it was just a women’s group. Come to find out, we were reading your book. At first I was like, “but I’ve been married twice.” It didn’t matter. I follow God‘s instructions, And stayed steady with the class. This book changed my outlook not only on marriage and love, but our family and life. I would recommend this book to any women. Married or not. You’ll be amazed what you discover, not only about your spouse or marriage, but especially about yourself. (Posted on 7/22/2019)
I don’t recommend it Review by Helen
Dear Debby Pearl! One of my friends has just given to me your book. I’m glad I’ve read your book Created to be his help meet because I know now for sure that I will not recommend it to anyone. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve been married for over 10 years and I call my husband Your Honor and Your Majesty and he loves me greatly! I also came from a very loving Christian family where my mom and dad had wonderful relationship with a COMPLETE SUBMISSION on Mom’s part to Dad, and she did it with great joy wholeheartedly. But I know families who, following advices in books like this, completely failed because a husband was put in a place of God. God said:” I’m the Lord and I will not give my glory to anyone.” Also, seems like the author of this book married a pretty decent person at the first place and then gives advices to the wives who are under constant pressure or even attacks from their husbands who are involved in drinking, porn, drugs etc. etc. etc. One lady, whose father was beating her mother every time he was drunk, said:”I wish the author of this book would live in our house for a few years and then write about her experience how to be submissive in everything and joyful as well. It’s great to write books about constant suffering when you are not going through them.” One lady from a conservative church, where ladies respect and honor their husbands, told me that they ordered 2 boxes of these books for their women’s group studies, but when their elders found out what’s written there, they threw all of them in a trash. There’s so much of controversy there in the book itself as well as with the Bible. So, ladies, wives, if you really want to know who and what The Lord created you to be, please refer to Himself, His Word, your husbands (if they are steady in Christ) and other Christians whom you know personalily and see their life in the Lord Jesus according to the Bible. Blessings to you all! (Posted on 11/11/2018)
Amazing reading Review by Joyfulwife
I have given this book out for years! I hunt for used copies always! It has saved my marriage more than once. As a formerly abused women being finally married to a good Christian man, I have a hard time seeing I fit in this marriage. So many times I have wanted to walk away but this book, coupled with a close relationship with Christ has saved me so many times! Praise God for Debi and her wisdom. Buy this book more van once because you will love it so much you will HAVE to share it! (Posted on 8/26/2018)
I am not sure that our marriage would have survived without reading the Biblical truths in this book! Review by TB
I was 40 when the Lord allowed my 8 year friendship with a man to become a wonderful courtship and marriage. During our courtship, a dear friend of mine gave me the Helpmeet book and as I read it, my heart resonated with its truths as confirmation of all that I knew that wanted and should be for my husband. It was such an encouragement as I prepared for marriage and I was ready to put it into practice. Then I got married, and although much was wonderful, there were struggles and I went back to the Helpmeet book to now put the Biblical principles into practice daily in reality and not just in my mind. As I read it again the truth taught in it kept me focused on what the Lord needed to change in ME instead of on all that I thought was wrong with my husband. I believe it literally saved our marriage! One part that helped immensely is the types of men Debi describes. When I read the book before I was married, I thought that I was marrying Mr. Steady. But, as I got to know my husband I realized that he is very much a Visionary and the only reason I did not see it much before marriage is that people had squelched this gifting in him and even thought him crazy for this thoughts or actions in situations. As the Lord freed him to be who he was created to be, that visionary part of him came out in full-force. I would have had a much harder time encouraging this gift in him had I not read Helpmeet first! I could literally go on and on about things in the book that have helped me (and what my husband loves about the book) but I will end by saying we give this book out often and I just finished placing another order for 13 more before writing this review. On a side note...we also give out the Preparing to be His Helpmeet books as well and ordered 3 more of those today too! (Posted on 10/12/2015)
Life Changing! Review by Justine
When I first read this book well before I was married I wanted to throw it across the room at times. I had a much different view on marriage after watching my parents divorce and remarry into more unhealthy relationships. But the Lord softened my heart and asked me if I truly believed the Word. Now 4 years into marriage I can honestly say that God's way is WAY better than the worlds! And this book really highlighted and pointed me to the scripture I needed to hear. Thank you for saying the things no one wants to hear for you are truly loving us women by speaking truth! (Posted on 8/27/2015)

5 Item(s)

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