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Restful Sleep Tincture

August 15, 2005

I was introduced to this wonderful herb tincture soon after my first child was born. He was a very fussy baby. It seemed he had some colic besides other problems. The tincture didn’t cure his colic but it sure helped us through a difficult time.
Since that time I have been making it for my other babies and for family and friends. Many mothers have thanked me and some of them have some remarkable stories. Probably the most amazing story was about my friend’s 4-year-old daughter. One evening she was crying with a bad headache, and when she started getting almost hysterical, her mother gave her 10 drops of the tincture. Immediately, she began to yawn and was fast asleep in less than 10 minutes. When she awoke towards morning she gave her daughter another 10 drops with exactly the same results. Most children aren’t that responsive. Each child is different as far as sensitivity to herbs, etc. therefore, as a mother you will know what is best for your children. Using common sense concerning the child’s weight helps me make a decision on how much tincture to give each child. I find that this tincture seems to soothe my babies’ tummies when they have colic, and it also has a calming effect on my older children.
Tincture Recipe
Put these dry herbs in a clean quart jar*:
½ cup of Alfalfa
¼ cup each of:
Passion flower
1 Tablespoon of Hops
1 Tablespoon of Valerian (omit this herb for babies)
Pour 1-cup of boiling water over herbs and let set for a few minutes. Fill jar to within ½ inch of the top with food grade glycerin, and put lid on jar. Use a crockpot that has a “low” or “warm” setting. Set the jar(s) on a cloth in warm water in the crock pot or on the backside of wood burning stove to stay very warm for 3 days. Stir at least once each day. Strain, discard used herbs, and bottle the dark, aromatic liquid herbal glycerin. Label, and keep in a dark cool place until needed.
*To make a larger batch of this tincture, skip the jars, fill the crockpot directly with the herbal mixture and proceed with the rest of the recipe.

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