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Rowdy Boys

June 15, 1997

Question: Do you have any cures for rowdy boys during school? It’s almost always in fun, but is always disruptive.” Yes, there is a very simple and final solution. You just throw the boys away and get all girls. This will also end all wars and stop all competitive sports. I might add that the termination of the male population will likewise put a stop to great architecture, canals dug thought the swamps, irrigation projects, highways through the mountains, and the invention of machines that make life easier.
I know mothers don’t expect their little boys to display the male aggression so early, but little boys are just baby men. I know that young boys don’t have the wisdom and self-control to sensibly direct their hormonally driven drives. They are often rowdy and hyper. If there could only be a drug that could make them act more sedate like the lovely female population, or maybe a drug that would just postpone their development… But wait, I have heard that there is such a drug. It is called Ritalin. The government, which is committed to a sexless society, is encouraging and promoting the use of this and other drugs to subdue the young male population.
You gave birth to a boy; you will have to deal with him as such. If you wanted something that purred and laid around the house, you should have gotten a cat, not a boy.
God created the male race to work outdoors in a garden environment. Man’s nature and role are to subdue. Each man needs his own independent domain to conquer and dress. That’s why we see so many overworked yards in the subdivisions. Those tiny plots of buildings, grass, and shrubs are each man’s Garden of Eden. With an assortment of steel tools, he conquers his resisting frontier. His incessant overworking of such a small kingdom reminds me of a tiger going out for a stroll in his twenty square foot cage.
Most men are finding some form of expression and release in work and sex. But young boys placed in classrooms become like tiger cubs scolded for tumbling with their fellows. Such confinement and restriction is against nature. Have you noted the primary activity of any young animal? It is to playfully attack the members of his family. Boys are made to run, tumble, goad, and respond in kind. It is not natural for a boy to sit in a cage. If we put him in real bars, it would be easier for him, but to force him to continually respect limits that are against his nature is torturous indeed.
Homeschooling should not be an attempt to reproduce the classroom setting. The Bible defines the context in which we should teach our children. “And thou shalt teach them diligently unto thy children, and shalt talk of them when thou sittest in thine house, and when thou walkest by the way, and when thou liest down, and when thou risest up (Deuteronomy 6:7).” In other words, our teaching should be part of our ongoing daily activity, not a special event that demands long periods of withdrawal from the real world.
But our questioner is still waiting for a practical response to the question about how to prevent rowdy boys from disturbing the classroom setting. Provide release and expression for their boyishness, and do so with sufficient frequency and intensity so as to “decompress” them. That is, keep the classroom down to, say fifteen minutes, with work or hard play between times. If you feel you must have a longer time of instruction or practice, have them jump up and do 100 side-straddle-hops before they resume. Have them sing out a chant or count real loud as they exercise. You may have to study a military sergeant’s manual. Provide a reward for the fastest ten laps around the house. Have them do their math while standing on one foot. Make them place their tablet on the wall and write while standing up. Keep them alert, interested, and exhausted. Don’t try to contain and teach a tornado. Give it a time and place to expend its energy, and then teach when it is a little breeze. One hour of fun schooling is worth more than eight hours of drudgery.

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13 comments on “Rowdy Boys”

  1. I couldn’t agree more! We have 6 children, 5 of them boys and have homeschooled the past 7 years. I’m so thankful to have a husband that helped me understand this early on, because as women, we don’t “get” these little men without a little guidance and a few reminders along the way! This world and this nation need more REAL men who know how to live out who God created them to be, not just a bunch of “males” who are expected to act like the girls. Thank you, Pearls, for continuing to remind us through your teachings how to raise these real men!

  2. This article should have a question asked at the beginning, shouldn’t it? I’ve seen it before,but it’s not displaying here (at least not on my computer.) ???

  3. @GC – Thanks for notifying us about this one. We recently changed the way our site template displays the opening paragraph. Some of them got removed by accident; we should soon have them all restored. If you happen to see any more please let us know!

  4. And what about the boys that are in the public school system and are frequently getting disciplines at school for aggressive behaviour and disrespectful attitudes towards certain members of the teaching staff? I would find it difficult to respect a teacher that regularly yells at the class. However, they are the authority, albeit good or bad. To be honest, I would like to believe that the blame lie elsewhere than my lack of parental consistancy with my son. I understand that he shouldn’t even be in the public school, to begin with. I have to accept that we have failed our son. So now what?

  5. Hip-Hip Hooray for your candid article!
    It makes me smile…BIG:) We have 3 ROWDY boys right in a row, and this encourages me, when all is CRAZY around here, that we’re one big ball of NORMAL! I keep reminding people that girls didn’t storm the beaches of Normandy. The boys are supposed to be this way! God created aggressive, fun-loving, exciting boys to expand His kingdom. God is not a “panty-waist” and He makes His sons in His wise image!

  6. A lack of boys wouldn’t prevent the construction of infrastructure as much as it would terminate the human race. Matriarchal societies where women are the strong ones and men deal with the house aren’t unusual. The amazonians did just fine until a society with guns and goldlust showed up. Just a thought.

    Also, school is mostly for teaching life skills and less for actual textbook learning. People aren’t suppose to wrestle in a workplace.

    Lastly, ritalin isn’t for rowdy boys. It’s for sufferers of ADHD in BOTH genders (it’s not even used more commonly in boys, it’s pretty much 50-50), and it gives the the ability to focus get things done, and give them the ability to control themselves, it is not used simply to reduce excess energy. Mostly, it gives them rational thinking abilities. I take adderall, which is used the same way, and the occasional time i haven’t, I act like an idiot, cannot finish anything and generally embarrass myself.

    The exercise idea is good though. More recess would certainly help cut down on excess energy.

    1. This article was written to address the often overuse of medications as the first recourse to control behavior, when more natural methods may be more appropriate. It is questionable as to whether true matriarchal societies ever existed but societies as you described are in the minority and historically have been more primitive than the societies of there contemporaries.

      Schools should focus more on teaching life skills, but unfortunately, with rare exceptions, the focus in schools is on actual textbook learning.

  7. Wow! Praise the LORD! This is just what I needed! I’m going to put some of these things into practice tomorrow! And share some of this information with my coteachers who are also having trouble with these boys! 🙂 God bless you!

  8. One thing I do for my son is have him run the stairs in the house. Fifty times gets him calm for school. Also, he sits on an exercise ball instead of a chair, and this really helps. He can bounce a little and write or read. Also he wants something in his hand, a Lego man, small car, etc. which actually keeps him still longer. Lots of outside exercise also helps.

  9. I homeschool five children, three of them are boys. I have found that if we do a 90 minute “burst” of schooling in the morning (for us this includes Bible, Reading, Spelling and music), with a two hour play break and another 90 minute burst of schooling (Grammar/writing, math and science) in the afternoon both are manageable bites of time that my boys can stay motivated for! This is actually similar to the way my husband runs his own business. The idea came from him and it works better than anything else I’ve done.

  10. Laps around the house reminded me of a story my parents used to tell.

    Apparently before I was born, they took a trip to the Black Hills of SD, along
    with another couple. They all rented a cabin, along with my older sibling,
    who was then around three. At bedtime, sis was not yet tired, so they told
    her to run laps around the cabin. Seems that did not last, as she found a
    bear in the garbage. LOL

    Moral of the story: Don’t send toddlers out after dark in bear country.