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Answer From a Former Enabler

OK, I have a question. How should a wife handle the husband if he blames her for all discomfort he feels? If she tries to point out that it is his own issue, he gets angrier and verbally and emotionally … Read more

April 22, 2019 3 comments

From Our Mailbox- I Found “Created” at a Yardsale

Neither of us understood the title’s meaning but the mystery of what the title meant made it even more intriguing. Plus the cover said, “Discover how God can make your marriage glorious,” so I figured it was worth at least skimming through.

October 13, 2017 (0) comments
Woman who wants her own way

To Obey Is Better

I was a bratty newlywed. As a new believer I loved God’s WORD and praying and everything to do with God—except honoring my husband.

May 15, 2015 4 comments