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From Our Mailbox

December 27, 2021

Hello. This message is to Gabriel Pearl. I read your article on the Full Bear Treatment. My husband and I were pastors of a church. We homeschooled our children. I spoke of the dangers of pedophiles to my children since they were young. Little did I know that my husband was a pedophile. He had hurt 3 young underage children. Two of those were his own children. My children were hurt by him and I didn't know. I would be so frank with my kids about the dangers of people hurting them and the different ways of getting hurt and yet this was already occurring but they were afraid of telling me. He had brainwashed them and scared them to avoid them telling me. It was not until 10 years later that they told me. I immediately report it to our church leaders and to the local authorities. He is now waiting in jail to be sentenced for his crimes.
I am now working in my family to heal from this. We are seeking therapy and Godly counsel. Our faith in God is intact. But I continue to ask, "where did I fail? Why didn't I see anything? How could I have prevented this from happening? How could a so-called man of God, a father, and a husband do this to his own children?" I know that it is late to think of this but how can I prevent this from happening to anyone else including my own. We always think of the outside dangers but never do we realize that the danger can be within our home. The healing journey is difficult and the road to forgiveness is long but we know that we have to complete it for God to fully restore our lives. I hope and pray that your ministry will continue to help many people and that your words will continue to open the eyes of each parent and to be alert and vigilant over the protection of their families. Thank you again for everything that you do. Feel free to use my story but don't use my name for the security and safety of my family. Thank you!