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Good & Evil Will Be Available to Most People Groups on Earth

August 15, 2014
Workman at computer

We are currently developing a website and HTML5 application that will greatly speed up the process of translating the Good and Evil Graphic Novel into almost every language on earth.

Stage One:

Because the entire Good and Evil Graphic Novel has been digitized, we have now built a website that makes it easier than ever to translate the book into other languages.

  • No need to load fonts or other keyboard mapping tools on the end users computer.
  • Have the ability to real-time track the progress of the translations.
  • Streamlined interface, which will make it easier and faster to translate.
  • No need to setup. Simply log in and start translating.
  • It is built off the latest HTML5 Technologies.
  • You can translate anywhere or anytime on your Smartphone or Tablet.
  • It is easy and quick!

We have eliminated the need to bring the project into a layout design program such as Corel or InDesign. Translators can easily translate, move and resize bubbles in real time. We also have the ability for multiple people to work on the language at the same time. One person can work on an initial translation, while another person or several people can proof the language. All while a third person with a graphic design eye can properly adjust and resize text bubbles to get the best overall look. Because we’ve eliminated the need for a Graphic Design Program, we have the ability to create Print on Demand, Print Ready PDF files that can be sent directly to a printer. This creates an efficient process, with no more wasted time trying to find the latest version of the translation or project. We’ve built in system wide chat functions and tagging which will allow all translators the ability to communicate, creating a positive, encouraging environment.

Low Bandwidth Requirements:
We are testing this system with the ability to work off the older slower GSM Edge networks. We are also going to add the ability to do off-line storage for the times you cannot be connected to the Internet.

Simple, Easy Approach to Layout and Design:
From the very beginning our design requirements have been “It needs to be easy enough for Debi Pearl or your grandmother to operate”. I certainly think that we’ve reached those requirements. If you can figure out Facebook, you’ll be a pro using our online translation tool app.

Stage Two:

Once the initial Translation tool is accomplished, we are going to start adding an Audio Record Function. This will allow anyone with Internet access throughout the entire world to help do voices for any language of the Good and Evil Animation project. No need to send teams to remote locations. Anyone will be able to record voices and set them to our animation vision. Each language will have a printed Good and Evil version along with an animation version of each language.

Stage Three:

We will create Interactive Digital Comic Book experiences for Good and Evil. Because we can easily access the huge databases of assets we’ve been building, we will be able to offer great teaching and interactive experiences.
Example: A Father with his child would go to the Good and Evil website. The two could read the bubbles and follow along together. If the child was following along by himself, he could turn on or off the voices of the read along feature in his own language. We will also be able to add more information to each of the pages, more bible study information, commentaries, and more.

My hopes and dreams are that adults and children all over the world will be able to Read Good and Evil in print, website, or mobile phone applications, making it easy to be created in their own language.

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