Yes! I Am Normal

This is Shoshanna here, the youngest of the five Pearl kids. My husband James and I own The Bulk Herb Store. Lately we have gotten a lot of e-mails from our customers who have begun to figure out that I am indeed one of the Pearl kids. Most think it’s great, but several really hate the fact that a grown-up Pearl kid might actually love God and be healthy, wealthy, and wise.   First email: Hi, I have been to your Bulk Herb Store web site and I have to tell you it is Awesome!! I was wondering if you… Read More
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Brain Grooving

Debi Pearl

From the very first moments of your child’s life, his brain is being molded into who and what he will become.

April 2018

Ideas We Love: The Week

Kaylee and Nurie (Guest Author)

Hello, Everyone, my name is Kaylee Rodrigues. I am 16 years old and I come from a large family of 12 children, counting me! I am going to tell you how my sweet mama makes each of us children feel … Read more

August 2017
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Joy Training

Joy Training

Rebekah Rising

As a wife and mother I find joy to be one of the most useful attributes a woman could have.

December 2015
Multi-Colored Girl

Multi-Colored Girl

Debi Pearl

A lot has happened since the books Created to Be His Help Meet and Preparing to Be a Help Meet were published. Created has been translated into many languages and there have been thousands of Created and Preparing classes all over the world. We have received many letters from ladies and … Read more

December 2014

My Mama Adores My Daddy

Debi Pearl

The following was written 12 years ago when Amy (Amy’s parents are on the cover) was four years old.

August 2012
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The Flower House

Shalom (Pearl) Brand

A little patient parental flexibility can go a long way towards encouraging the creativity of children. Learn about Shalom’s girlhood flower houses and pretend meals served to her loving parents.

October 2011

Learning to Become a Multi-Colored Girl

Debi Pearl

The values of popular society are often at odds with a woman’s calling to fashion herself and adapt to her husband’s changing needs. A willingness to be flexible can help a young woman Preparing to Be a Help Meet.

August 2011
Angry little blonde-haired girl wearing orange and green

Throwing Anger in the Garbage

Shalom (Pearl) Brand

For little Laila, whining and crying was becoming a habit. Her mama, Shalom Brand, enlisted the help of big sister Gracie to make anger their common enemy. Soon they found many ways to chase away those negative responses.

June 2011

Yes! I Am Normal

Shoshanna (Pearl) Easling

Shoshanna Easling is the youngest of Mike and Debi’s children. People who balk at To Train Up a Child’s methods are often surprised when they meet this poised, confident and outgoing wife, mother and business woman.

April 2011
A little blonde haired girl giving her big sister a kiss

A Little Child Shall Lead Them

Gracie, with a little help from Mama

Daddy leaves to run errands. They’re all out of dog food! Will Daddy remember to pick up food for the family pet? Find out what happens when Gracie prays for God to remind Daddy to get the dog food.

April 2011
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