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A Young Lady Writes…

December 19, 2017

I am courting a wonderful Godly young man, who I’m convinced is the man I will eventually marry. His parents are good, Christian people, but I have never heard him say one good thing about his parents. Anything he has ever said about his parents has been negative. It has been bothering me, and I would like to say something about it, only I don’t know what I should or can say. Do you have any advice? Thanks.


Debi Answers

A root of bitterness defileth many. Bitterness is made known by what comes from the mouth. It is like the worst weed—hard to wipe out. It goes on for years and years continuing in its path of spoiling. Whether his parents are totally guilty is not the issue… bitterness is destructive now and always. Tell him what you see in his attitude towards his parents, and give him time to search his heart. Don’t let his bitterness mess up the next generation.

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One comment on “A Young Lady Writes…”

  1. My husband got bitter at a preacher that did us wrong. I talked to him about the power of forgiveness but he didn’t want to hear it. As the years passed, he became bitter at his friends, family and us. He walked out. There is a reason God says to not let bitterness take root. It takes over a person’s life. Everyone gets hurt by others and eventually it’ll be you that does something, and he’ll feel like it’s OK to be bitter at you too.