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From the desk of Michael and Debi Pearl

Michael Pearl

4And in that day shall ye say, Praise the LORD, call upon his name, declare his doings among the people, make mention that his name is exalted. Isaiah 12:4 During 2020 we reached more people for Jesus Christ than we … Read more

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Michael and Debi’s Favorite Gardening, Preparedness and Survival Resources

Michael Pearl

Michael and Debi’s Favorite Gardening, Preparedness and Survival Resources We’ve been getting lots of calls from readers and viewers with questions about gardening, survival and preparedness. Mike is a Bible teacher, not a garden teacher, but he and Debi have … Read more

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The Benefits of Forest Bathing / September Calendar

No Greater Joy Ministries

Do you want to boost all parts of your immune system? Scientific research says take a walk in the forest. Amazing as it sounds, research has proven this is a scientific reality due to the release of essential oils from … Read more

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The Story of Two Young Women / August Calendar

No Greater Joy Ministries

What will be your story? Darlene Rose When Darlene Rose was a young bride, she and her husband got on a ship and crossed the deep blue sea in order to reach the far away island called Papua New Guinea. … Read more

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2020 Eternal Vision

Michael Pearl and Debi Pearl

It was sometime toward the end of 2019 when God gave us a certainty that, at the beginning of 2020, No Greater Joy Ministries should focus on getting the gospel to every person we could. Time was ticking away. Over … Read more

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How our family is preparing for COVID-19 or Coronavirus

Debi Pearl and Shoshanna (Pearl) Easling

Listen to Debi Pearl and Shoshanna (Pearl) Easling sharing their thoughts on how to prepare for (and maybe prevent) the COVID-19 (coronavirus). Debi’s daughter, Shoshanna, is currently pregnant and sharing her game plan on staying safe and healthy during this … Read more

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Art Contest Winners!

No Greater Joy Ministries

Thank you to everyone who participated in our art contest, announced in the January/February issue of the magazine. We received over 500 entries! Below are some of the winners, and links to view all of the amazing artwork. The reset … Read more

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You Need to Watch This!

Debi Pearl

When I heard TJ speak it was like a light went off in my head, “YES! This is what all young people need to hear!” So, be blessed by taking 14 minutes and watch him tell about his boots. He … Read more

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Knife Throwing Outreach


Mike gave a knife and tomahawk throwing demonstration at a local Motorcycle show! He combined knife throwing, preaching and art into a captivating, hour-long gospel presentation. It’s not every day that you get to watch a world champion throw knives, … Read more

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2019 Speaking Schedule


Want to meet Mike and Debi  and hear them speak at an upcoming shindig? Then you won’t want to miss the shindigs in Mississippi or South Dakota! You can get more information at the shindig websites. September 5-8 Black Hills … Read more

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