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Your Feedback Needed on our Upcoming Homeschooling Issue!

Your Feedback Needed for the Jan-Feb Homeschooling Issue!

Michael Pearl

The Jan/Feb 2013 issue of NGJ Magazine will be dedicated to discovering what is best for homeschoolers and what is best avoided. We need to hear from you! Ask us questions about homeschooling, or pass on your good ideas and helpful tips. Send to [email protected]

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Debi Pearl

Debi Needs Your Help!

Debi Pearl

Send in any of your good homeschooling ideas, titles of good books, educational computer games or programs children learn with, and don’t forget to send us your pictures to go with it! Write us at [email protected]

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Nathan Pearl

Send Us Your Questions for the Big Texas Shindig

No Greater Joy Ministries

For those of you planning on coming to the Big Texas Shindig in October, send us your questions now so we come prepared to answer the hot topics! Email your questions to [email protected]

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Michael Pearl target practice knife throwing

Back in the Saddle, Again

Debi Pearl

Mike is back in the saddle — not on his tractor yet, but soon. Here he is, with his back brace off, throwing knives. He says his throwing average is higher than ever and he is planning on going to the world contest this November and taking the prize.

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Created To Be His Help Meet and Preparing To Be A Help Meet

Ministering in Romania

Chuck Joyner

Now in the Romanian language. Created To Be His Help Meet and Preparing To Be A Help Meet are now available to Romanians in their own language. NGJ’s international right agent negotiated agreements with the Bible Society of Romania as … Read more

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It’s the Men’s Turn!

Debi Pearl

Men, it’s your turn to speak up. Mike will not admit to needing help, but he does want input from men for his new book, In Search Of A Help Meet. We will be asking questions here over the next … Read more

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Feelin’ Fine

Debi Pearl

As you can see, Mike is just where I want him to be—writing! It is usually difficult to rope him in unless we really, really need for him to sit down and write. He would rather be preaching at the … Read more

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Michael and Debi Pearl

Answer to Prayer!

Chuck Joyner

Praise God for blessings beyond what we ask! Mike’s surgery went so well that he will not have to return on Tuesday for a second surgery. Thank you all for praying!

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Michael Pearl

It’s Time to Pray for Mike

Debi Pearl

It is time to pray for Mike. Some time ago Mike broke his lower back. It never really hurt that much, but his hip hurt, so he thought that was the problem. Over time, due to the old break, his … Read more

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Philippine School

In the Missionary’s Own Words

Chuck Joyner

Read Missionary Rick Batson’s description of the excited response of a Philippine school to Good and Evil.

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