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Mama’s String of Pearls

April 15, 1995

Mama’s string of Pearls began
When Mama met that big Pearl man.
He smiled at her and Mama knew
No other Pearl would ever do.

The string was tied and soon twas’ clear
Another Pearl would soon be here.
A Rebekah Pearl—so small and sweet
With great big eyes and great big feet.

A few years seemed but like a day
Gabriel Pearl was on his way.
A playmate for their little girl
On Mama’s string — another Pearl

One year, two years, passed away,
Another brother joined our play.
Nathan Pearl was his name,
But Gabe and I just called him, Nate.

The boys outnumbered us two girls
So Mama had another Pearl.
Shalom was added to her string
And peace to our family she did bring.

Then last of all, but never least
Shoshanna joined our Mama’s string.
Dad’s quiver full (the house was too)
And Mama had so much to do.

But I know somehow, she wouldn’t trade
Or give one single Pearl away.
For all the jewels in the world
Aren’t like our Mama’s string of Pearls.

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