Posted July 2, 2013


I’m a young woman in high school. Since long before I was saved at age 12, I’ve always wanted to be a missionary somewhere. I’m especially interested in the Central/South Americans, but I’m open to wherever God wants me to go. I’m not old enough to go yet, but I’m wondering in what ways I should prepare for the mission field? As a young single woman, what would you encourage me to pursue as far as training that would enable me to help people physically and I’d be able to teach them about God at the same time? I’ve thought about maybe going into nursing, because I really enjoy helping people in that way and that’s something that I could possibly do. I also thought about maybe taking a short teacher’s training course, because that is something I might be able to do–I’m homeschooled, and I’ve helped to teach my brothers a little. Or is there something else that’s more needed than a nurse or a teacher?

Also, if nursing or teaching is something that is needed, would any of you know of any places (preferably Christian) that I could receive the training at? Thanks ahead of time for answering my questions. 🙂


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