Hi!  So lately I’ve been thinking about whether earrings and makeup are ok or not to wear.  Sometimes I pray about it and I think I know what is right, but then I’m not sure later.  A lot of my closer friends don’t wear anything like that and think they are wrong, and since I[…]


To Wear, or to Not Wear?

Hello, I am 15 years old. I have this shirt I really like , because it’s pretty. But I’m not sure if I should wear it because it’s a tank top. It is neon pink and skin tight. The only reason I want to wear it is because it is my favorite color. Definitely not to[…]

I am 17 and live in Michigan and here all the girls wear very short shorts and low and tight tops – and I mean everyone, even older women wear shorts or short skirts and in general the modesty standard is very low. Even among the Christians – I go to a pretty conservative church[…]

I have a female friend who made a skirt by sewing together men’s neckties. Does this count as wearing clothing pertaining to a man, and is it unacceptable? If it is, is there anything that I can say to her?


Natural Foundation?

Hi Girls, I’m 16, and not to long ago( 2 weeks ago) my dad decided he thought it was okay for my mom and I to wear makeup…(the church we recently left did not allow it) I am curious if anyone has any particular thoughts about it. If they do, why? If they don’t why not?”[…]


How to Address Immodesty?

How can one kindly approach another on the subject of their immodest clothing so that they will think about it and not shrug it off as just your opinion? For example, I have a violin student who is a believer and she thinks she dresses modestly, but she wears really, I mean really! tight shirts.[…]

I’ve just recently become a born again Christian and I’m wondering about clothing. I know in the bible it mentions a few times clothing, but so many people have their different opinions on it still. In my family, a family of Christians, the women wear skirts below the knee. In the bible it does mention[…]

Is it bad to get my ears pierced?