Premarital Sex

In 1 Corinthians 6:16 says that he which is joined with a harlot is one flesh…my question is if you have sex with your fiancé does that mean you are one In Gods eyes… I feel like you are but others I’ve talked to says no. So I need advice preferably with scripture back up


He Watches Porn

My boyfriend (who is a Christian and we have talked with his family about potential marriage and etc) has watched porn for a number of his teenage years. He currently is in an accountability group with other guys and they are reading a book called “lust is not the problem, sex is,” by Joshua Harris.[…]

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How Do You Balance Faith and the Burlesque of Life?

The burlesque of life will always “pop” up out the middle of nowhere it seems.  I have family members and in-laws some close cousins others at a distance who give in to the burlesque completely without marriage.  I’m now at the age of getting closer to 30 and I still see girls fall for the[…]


How Do I Tell Him?

Hi, i’m 17 and really like a nice christin guy (he is 20). But when I was 9 something terrible happed to me. I was a goody-good girl and my friend (who I never really like) thought because I was nice to her I like her in a loving kinda way. I didnt know anything.[…]

So I’m just wondering exactly how much touching a Christian couple can do before marriage. What is appropriate? Is it okay to hold hands? Kiss? Or should you not even touch at all? And if possible, could you give me Bible verses that talk about this subject? Thank you!


Appropriate Touching

Hi, I had a question I had been thinking about quite a bit, and was hoping for some answers. I’m wondering what’s appropriate for a 16 year old girl…First of all I trust my dad, TOTALLY and COMPLETELY! He’s such an amazing dad. I’m a daddys girl (not user name:) LOL. Anyway, I was kinda[…]

Is it bad to get my ears pierced?