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Homeschool Alumni

Are any of you on the Homeschooling Alumni? I just joined and am already enjoying meeting more homeschoolers and fellow believers! For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, here’s the link:

Hi everyone, I’m eighteen years old and if the Lord would say yes I would love to have a Christ-centered marriage someday. I’m trying to spend my single years weeding out some ugly attitudes and habits that would make being a good help meet a lot harder. :/ Anyway, I’m very much a loner-type person,[…]

There’s a man in my fiance’s church who left his previous congregation because he offended a respected couple. He basically publicly condemned and chastised them for having no children. I don’t believe this is right because one or both of them may not have the ability to have kids. I guess what I am asking[…]

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Don’t Know What to Do…help, Please?

Hey everyone ūüôā So.. here’s a little background information. There’s this guy at our youth group¬†who¬†started coming to your church¬†a couple months ago. He’s about 18.¬†He’s really a GREAT guy, friends with everyone¬†and he’s growing in his faith. He is my best guy friend. BUT!, I don’t consider him any more than a friend. There[…]


Wanting to Mature

I am a younger teenager and I want to mature but don’t really know how. any ideas on growing spiritually, physically, or mentally? thanks in advance! Beth

I’m not planning on making this decision anytime soon, but I would really like to attend the Shindig in NC later this year. Unfortunately, I would probably go by myself, and more than likely, would not know anyone there. Is this normal or will I feel out of place?

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What Should I Do with This Guy?

Hi, well I’m from Latin America so I don’t have a very good english.. I have been talking with a guy lately, he is a christian but he is from another city of my country, so we only talk by facebook, but I have seen him before, my friends of my church said that he[…]

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Birthday Dilemma

My boyfriend and I have been courting for 6 months now, I know him fairly well but I have no idea what to get a man for his birthday. I have two sisters and my Dad always wanted tools, my boyfriend isn’t a handy man so that won’t work. He already has quite a library[…]

I am looking for suggestions in regards to things I can do to reduce how much I get hit. I am planning to get a purity ring soon and also trying to thing carefully about what I wear. Any suggestions would be most appreciated!


The Lord’s Will

I am not quite sure how to pose this question. I guess I will give a little bit of “background” first. I am 18 and living at home. I have graduated and am an only child. I have worked for a short time when I was 16/17 at a seasonal job. Once I completed that,[…]