Posted March 7, 2014

Hi!  So lately I’ve been thinking about whether earrings and makeup are ok or not to wear.  Sometimes I pray about it and I think I know what is right, but then I’m not sure later.  A lot of my closer friends don’t wear anything like that and think they are wrong, and since I can be very influenced, when I’m around them I end up thinking that also when we talk about it and stuff.  Then later I might think it’s ok to wear them,  but worry that they’ll think I’m going “worldly” or that I’m double faced or something.  I want to know if earrings and makeup are distracting or immodest and I want to do the right thing to please the Lord, but I want to make sure my decision is not off of my feelings of what I want or because I want my friends to accept me.  Has anyone ever gone through this or have any suggestions?  Oh, and normally it would be easier to be myself if I came to where I thought that earrings and makeup were ok, but recently when I was out visiting my friends for our church Bible school (where we used to live) I met a young man that I am praying about ;), and he comes from a more conservative family. I don’t know if he is that conservative himself or how he feels about those things, but part of me is like “well maybe he wouldn’t like me if I did wear that stuff because he disagrees”/ or “maybe he’ll think I became worldly or something”.  I try to just pray when I feel that way and trust that God will work it out, but I’m just not sure.  It kinda makes things complicated!  Anyways, any help would be welcomed!  I’m really just not sure if they are right or wrong and would like to know if anyone has ever worked through something similar!  Thanks so much!! 🙂


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  1. raggedycottagegarden

    It can stir up “sexual” feelings may be……but really, a godly relationship is built on personal character, not on outward appearance.

    # March 18, 2014

  2. thankfulwifey

    My husband fell for me when I had the shortest hair of my life and was at my highest weight. I was healthy and exercised regularly, but had put on the “freshman 10 lbs” in college. I also had just donated my hair to locks of love and had a VERY short haircut. He even helped me cut it shorter cause it was messy in back. I had never heard of the scripture on long hair, but gave my hair out of a desire to help others. I doubt my hair will ever be that short again…I digress!

    The point is a man led of the spirit to have a sacraficial Christ like love for a woman can usually see past outward appearance. It will be obvious to those that know you, why you wear earrings and makeup. Really the why? you do what you do and the attitude with which you carry yourself, is more important than anything else.

    Obviously, if your parents have a strong opinion, follow it. If not, follow the mood of the day unless you feel God putting a strong clear feeling in your heart. He needs those that love Him to come in different packages to reach different people, but the Fruit of the Spirit are the ESSENTIAL accesories for each of us 🙂

    In my case, if I started growing my hair way out, not wearing jewelry or makeup and only wearing long skirts, my husband would be sooo irritated!! He likes me to change my hairstyle, wear makeup and jewelry for him and pants. He understands modesty and we discuss it. If I had married a really conservative guy I would have been happy to follow his lead. This heart will be obvious to a man and more attractive than similar exterior packaging. Because believe it or not, young men change their minds and dont always end up just like thier mamas and papas 🙂

    # March 18, 2014

    • daddysgirlleh - the author of this post.

      Thanks so much for your reply!! I appreciate it a lot and it helped! 🙂

      # March 19, 2014

  3. 1972lee

    As a young woman, do yourself a huge favor, and learn to listen to the Holy Spirit of God, and learn from his word. Unless you are under direct authority on this subject, ask God what pleases Him. So much damage is done trying to be like others. This goes both ways. You will either be more or less conservative than your friends. You will never be able to satisfy them, but, if you seek His will, you will always please Him.

    # March 26, 2014